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Must-visit spiritual places in the UK

When taking a journey of discovery, many will head to spiritual hotspots like Lourdes, Mecca and Machu Picchu. However, did you know we have our own divine destinations right here in the UK? We’ve picked our three favourites, which are…

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Choosing the right sunglasses for your trip

Whether you’re heading to the slopes during your winter break or lying by the pool come summer, there’s one thing you’ll definitely need: sunglasses! Serving more of a purpose than a simple fashion accessory, sunglasses are really important for protecting…

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Travelling 101: How to Buy the Perfect gifts around the Globe

Travelling is one of the best ways to build memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll have the opportunity to see untold marvels, experience new and vibrant cultures, and learn about history, and art, and how the world really works….

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Peaceful Escapes in the Nevada Desert

With the Mojave Desert and the Great Basin Desert, it is clear that a significant party of the territory of the state of Nevada is consisted of desert land. Of course, Nevada is most famous for being the state that…

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The little things that can keep you happy and get you through a stressful day

How can happiness be achieved? This question has plagued people from the beginning of time and is especially pertinent today when the fast pace of life seems to be a sweeping tide that takes away your precious time and happy…

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Five fun things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona may not be the capital of Spain, but it’s certainly the city that draws the most visitors thanks to the fact that it makes an almost perfect holiday destination. There’s a bit of everything here – lovely weather, lively…

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More People Choosing Christmas Away from Home

Holiday company Blue Chip Holidays has conducted research which revealed some interesting information for anyone who isn’t particularly looking forward to the Christmas and New Year holidays. It turns out that the company has seen an increase of 26% in…

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3 winter getaways to keep you toasty

There are icicles hanging from your nose, frostbite seizing up your toes and flu bugs circling you like wolves around a wagon in the Wild West – you need an escape for this teeth-chattering time of year. Can you think…

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