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Lose Yourself On The Luxurious Island Of Mykonos

Located off the coast of Greece and in the heart of the Agean Sea lies the pristine island of Mykonos. Popular with tourists across the world, this island of paradise is renowned for its breathtaking sea views, rich Greek culture…

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Top ways I save money while traveling

As someone who has extensively traveled long-term, I believe everyone should take this opportunity at least once in their lifetime. However, I often hear a lot of people say they simply can’t do it, and one of the biggest reasons…

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Top 4 Relaxing Holidays You Should Consider

If you’re like me, you spend most of your working day fantasising about your next holiday away. If I don’t have a holiday booked, I start to feel restless and frustrated. Having a holiday already set in stone and planned…

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Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Casinos And Gambling

Gambling is almost as old as man. Being the activity that people of all classes engage in, it has spurn many interesting tales. With the recent acceptance of gambling in major countries,  new online casino experiences are not hard to…

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