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Visiting Paris for less

One of the great things about Paris is that there are ways that you can go on trips to Paris for less, you just have to make a few changes to your itinerary and come to a couple of compromises,…

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Reasons the iPod Nano is the Perfect Travel Companion

Traveling can be a life-changing experience. It opens your eyes and it teaches you so much not only about the world around you, but about your inner self as well. What is it that makes the iPod Nano the perfect…

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Where to Build a Super Villain Lair

So you wanna be a super villain? Okay then, you’re going to need some serious cash to get started. Around £500,000 minimum, and you might need another £38 billion if you want the ability to destroy earth. But first, before…

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Where to Travel While at the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Rugby is a very popular sport in not only the UK, but throughout the commonwealth. If you find yourself in the UK during the 2015 Rugby World Cup (lucky you), then you might be wondering what places are worth visiting….

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What to Consider when buying an Eco Car

The growth of new car sales in the UK and Europe has continued relentlessly as the economy has expanded, serving as an engine for prosperity in the process. In precise terms, sales of new cars have continued to accelerate and…

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Travelling with a Hearing Aid

Many people refer to hearing loss as an invisible disability. Not only is it physically hidden, but it also hinders communication which means that many people who have hearing loss can find themselves withdrawing from opportunities to be social or…

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Things to do in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country, famous for its beaches, river, scenery, and history. Here are some of the best things to do in Portugal: Wander through Lisbon Lisbon is a must for anyone who is thinking about taking a trip…

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The Best Places to go in Portugal

Portugal is a stunning country which is also pleasingly changeable. This is a country where you’ll find sandy beaches, ancient ruins, medieval cities, and incredible scenery. If you’re going to be traveling to Europe, be sure to spend some time…

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Top 5 Places for a Romantic Escape

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, taking a much-needed couples break, or just because you have some free time together, never underestimate the value of a romantic escape. Below are the top five places for a romantic escape with your significant…

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Magical Cities in India

India is home to many beautiful cities and attractions. Rich in history and culture, India’s cities have something to offer all tourists. The country’s stunning architecture and fascinating cultural events make it a popular destination for those looking for a…

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