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Thinking of buying a boat to explore? Essentials to consider

Many of us have dreamed of the romance and adventure of getting a boat and exploring the beautiful waters of the world. If you are ready to make your dream a reality, then here are a few essential things to…

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The Best Destinations for Travel in Thailand

I don’t know many travellers who haven’t been to, or don’t want to go to Thailand. Thailand is perfect for both group and solo travel, and a large percentage of the countries income comes from tourism. The best part about…

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Stepping outside of your comfort zone while on holiday

It may not be too surprising to learn that people are more likely to be adventurous, and even “misbehave” a little when they’re abroad. While you may assume this is just going to be the young 20-something backpackers, a recent…

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A city like no other

Cities are must visit destinations which show you the true way of life in a country, and picking which city you’re going to visit can be a tough decision indeed. It’s important to head to a city which calls out…

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Welcome to the Mayan Riviera

Cancun is fourteen miles of pristine beaches and the gateway to the Mayan World. It is one of Mexico’s best beach vacation destinations with a wide selection of luxury and budget hotels and easy access to some of the most…

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Touring ultimate luxury in Las Vegas

There are some occasions when only the best will do – think special birthdays, anniversaries and celebrity or upscale weddings for example. This is when you want more than a touch of luxury; you want the whole nine yards. In…

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To the beach!

Beach holidays truly are the stuff of summer, don’t you find? You picture summer in your head, just say the word, and instantly an image of rolling surf, baking sand, hot sun, and chilling the hell out springs to mind….

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5 Expensive Cities That Are Much More Affordable Than You Think

If you are a budget conscious traveler, you are interested in finding great opportunities. There is a pretty good possibility to think that you cannot afford a visit in the cities that are really expensive. Although this is definitely the…

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Is the Vatican On Your Bucket List? 10 Important Things to Consider

Whether or not you are a devoted Catholic, a trip to the Vatican should be an exciting part of your holiday in the city of Rome. Below are 10 things travellers must know and add on their bucket list when…

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Staying Fit and Fabulous on a Florida Holiday

Whether you’re hanging out in Florida on a short vacation or you plan to stay for a little longer, you just have to take one glance at the honed and toned bodies on Miami Beach to develop a serious case…

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