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Why Dubai has become an art capital

Fifty years ago, Dubai was little more than a fishing village reliant on pearl diving and re-exports. It seemed an unlikely art capital, but the discovery of oil in the 1960s sparked a transformation that would see the tiny Arab…

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Tend to exaggerate? Turns out you’re not the only one

Do you find yourself exaggerating basic information like the movies you’ve seen or the places you’ve been? It turns out that you’re not alone. A new infographic has revealed that Brits exaggerate almost every aspect of their lives in order…

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Top Safety Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

There are few things I love more than taking a road trip. I love having the ability to go wherever I want without needing to get public transport, and it’s so fun when you turn off somewhere random and find…

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Why you need to learn day trading strategies

If you’re considering day trading, you should know that it’s not enough to simply get started. You need to learn the main day trading strategies so you can understand how to manage risk. Day trading involves analysing a lot of…

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Why you should take your next holiday in Thailand

If you’re desperate for some fun in the sun, but also don’t want to break the bank, you should definitely get away on a Thailand holiday. There’s a reason why Thailand continues to be one of the most popular countries…

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Why do you need car insurance?

If you don’t yet have car insurance, you may be unaware of the many benefits of being insured. It’s easy to see insurance as just another bill to pay, but there are many reasons why you need to be covered….

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Effective and alternative ways to invest for your future travels

Have you been wanting to travel for some time, but you’re not quite sure how to save enough money to make this dream a reality? I’m going to lay out the top 3 ways to save money quickly for your…

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Peru Trekking Guide

Peru is the ideal travel destination for a number of reasons. It has rich historical and cultural significance, and its natural beauty is unparalleled. Tourists from around the world have started to throng to the country, which still has many…

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Tips for staying healthy while travelling

If you’re planning to travel this year, you probably already know that your health should be top priority. But it can be tricky to know just what you need to do in order to keep yourself safe and healthy. Here…

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Tips to Find Deals, Promo Codes and Flash Sales for Airfare

Despite the increase in the number of flights that leave from all over the world each day, the prices of airfare continue to go up, yet the demand is there. It’s becoming extremely expensive to travel by air unless you…

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