Exploring New York City’s Kosher Food Offerings

September 09, 2018

One of the things that a traveler or a tourist must not forget to do is to try foods that the place can offer. New York City is a vibrant city, whether we are talking about culture, technology and food. There are countless food haunts you can go to for those must-try foods. One of these is kosher foods. Kosher food is Jewish food that adheres to kashrut, or Jewish rules. Certain types of food are not kosher – or appropriate – to the tradition, and the way of preparing the food is also something to follow. Manhattan is the perfect place to try kosher food. You will find the best of kosher restaurants in Manhattan if you know where to look and if you read reviews from previous customers.


How Jewish food came about in NYC

If it wasn’t for the Jewish immigrants, New York City’s locals and tourists alike would probably not have kosher food to enjoy. Throughout the decades when Jewish immigrants first landed in the United States, they slowly but surely introduced their local Jewish food to the American palate; it was well received by Americans and tourists from all over the world who try kosher food when they visit New York. Introducing their local Jewish fare to their new home country was one way of ensuring that their rich food culture continues to stay relevant and not become a casualty of failure to pass on cultural traditions.

Kosher food and their difference to other cuisines

Kashrut is the Jewish law that states how to prepare kosher food and the types of food that are appropriate to the tradition. All fruits and vegetables are kosher, as long as no bugs or insects are inhabiting them, as they belong to the list of prohibited foods. Meats and other by-products such as eggs and milk from animals with cloven hooves and chew their cud are appropriate to the diet. Seafood and fish without scales are a big no-no. Animals should also be slaughtered quickly and humanely and should not have any traces of blood on them. Even though these rules may be a bit complicated and there are a lot of restricted foods, Jewish cuisine is still rich in variety and flavor.

Learning to love kosher food

If you find an excellent kosher restaurant on your travel to New York, chances are you will be looking for kosher food back home. You can make your very own kosher food as long as you adhere to the kashrut. There are plenty of resources on the Internet that you can consult. You can also buy pre-packed kosher food ingredients from the supermarket so you can create your very own kosher dishes and maybe your friends and family will love them too.

If you are Jewish, of Jewish descent or just a plain Jane wanting to try Jewish food, then Manhattan and its surrounding areas are your best places to go hunting for kosher food. Do not forget to include kosher restaurants in your travel itinerary.

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