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Breaking Down the Best Traditions of the Kentucky Derby

When it comes to the Kentucky Derby, the traditions associated with it receive almost as much attention as the race itself. Those just learning about Kentucky Derby traditions for the first time or who need a bit of a refresher…

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Why is Dubai the Best Place for Your Sky Diving Debut

If you are an adrenalin junkie, we are sure, for you there no feeling comparable to jumping off the plane that is thousands of feet up in the sky. From the thrill of jumping off the plane to the feeling…

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The Best Hawaiian Islands to Visit While on Vacation

If you’re planning to take a trip to Hawaii this year, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re in store for, depending on which one of the six main islands you stay on for your vacation destination. For those looking…

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Auberge Beach II

3 Tips for a Memorable Weekend Break

If you need to get away for a bit, it doesn’t have to be a long multi-week trip – heading away for a weekend is often enough to relax and refresh you, enjoying that you’re feeling a little more invigorated….

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Airplane Wing

How to Prepare for Flight Delays in 6 Simple Steps

Nothing starts your vacation or business trip off on the wrong foot quite like an unexpected travel delay. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you plan your itinerary, or how far in advance you start arranging your schedule, there are countless…

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Top Tips to Get You Ready for Your spring or Summer Holiday

Now that the weather is starting to warm up a little, we know that a lot of you will be thinking about booking a holiday. When the sun comes out, people’s thoughts naturally turn to spending time on the beach…

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How Millennials are Traveling the World Before Retirement

For many people, traveling the world is a luxury reserved for the retirement years. Yet for Millennials and Gen Z in particular, traversing the globe while building a successful career can go hand in hand quite nicely. Millennials typically value…

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Moving to North Carolina

If you want to move to North Carolina, now is a great time for considering it. The population is growing but, depending on where you go, not fast enough to keep you from finding an affordable place to live. As…

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Traveling to Fort Lauderdale? Here are the top things to do

Fort Lauderdale is often overlooked in favor of Miami, but tourists who are in the know are increasingly choosing this city over others in the area. After all, if you rent a car in Fort Lauderdale, you can easily see…

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Here are the best things to do when taking a vacation in Orlando

Taking a vacation to Orlando? While you’ve probably considered visiting the DisneyWorld, this city has plenty more to offer. If you’ll be visiting for more than a few days, your best bet is probably to rent a car in the…

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