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TransBuddha is a site dedicated to bringing you a mixture of travel tips, packing tips, life hacks and zen habits.

We live in a chaotic world that’s bustling with traffic, responsibilities and drama. It’s important to learn how to detach yourself from all of that.

Trans can be defined as “across” or “beyond” and Buddha refers to the founder of Buddhism, a religion with a lot of principals that can be used to improve day-to-day life. TransBuddha is about a journey; whether that’s a personal journey or a physical journey of travel. There are three key principals of Buddhism that almost every person could benefit from, irregardless of their religion. These are:

(1) leading a moral life,
(2) being mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and
(3) developing wisdom and understanding.

The beauty of these principals is that you don’t have to travel or have a life changing event to improve. Simply being more aware, more mindful and more honest will allow you to adopt a Buddhist way of life. However, travel fuses perfectly with Buddhism because when you’re traveling you have more time and you tend to be in a heightened state of awareness, which allows you to be more mindful and aware.

TransBuddha is not a super serious website. I adore the principals of Buddhism, but I also respect everyone’s individual rights to follow their own religions. The “Buddha” in TransBuddha is more of a symbol of the three key components which everyone could benefit from improving on. This site will focus mostly on helpful tips that anyone can benefit from, regardless of their religion. While this site will have a focus on travel content, we understand that not everyone can travel – and not everyone can be traveling all the time. As such, we’ll include some life hacks and zen habits to help you upgrade your every day life.

If you like what we have on here, feel free to contact us and submit some feedback or content.

Who Am I?

My name is Jess and I’m a yoga-loving, meditating, zen-seeking world traveller. I’m in my mid twenties and have realised that owning a giant home (and a lot of debt) is not really the life I want to lead.

After a break up a few years ago, I left Canada and moved to Australia for a working holiday. On the way home to Canada I stopped off in South East Asia for a few months. I fell in love with yoga in a small town called Ubud in Indonesia. I started integrating meditation into my daily life and haven’t looked back.

I hope that you leave this site feeling both refreshed and inspired. Thanks for dropping by!