10 Emerging Casino Destinations

February 27, 2017

In these latter days, more and more people are thinking of interesting and exciting ways for leisure activities. And very often they stop their choice at casino games that are so popular due to provided benefits, an opportunity to make money or simply rest after a hard-working day. This particular activity can be done not only in the most well-known gambling destinations but also online as it is so easy to play favourite slots or cards games at a reliable casino with 888 casino bonus. Apart from bonuses and other advantages, there is no need to dress up, spend the time to get to the offline gambling house, etc. All that is needed is an internet connection, a trusted online gaming website and a desire to enjoy free time.

However, there are people who just love exploring new casino destinations, changing the regular homely atmosphere into luxurious and prestigious traditional gambling houses. Playing at offline casinos brings so much adrenaline and excitement that it can’t be compared to any other activity. So what are the best emerging casino destinations that should definitely be visited experience such unbelievable feelings?

Gambling destinations that are worth visiting


Macau in China is one of the emerging destinations that is extremely popular among players all over the world. Another great place is, of course, Las Vegas with its multiple casinos and incredible opportunities.

Current emerging gambling destinations are very casino- focused but there are also some that combine entertainment with resorts. For instance, the Sands Venetian hotel offers its guests not only exciting 5.000 slots and 700 tables for card games but also shops, boutiques, restaurants, shows, etc.

Singapore is another great place for gamblers as the government there has recently loosened the regulations regarding this entertainment industry.

Gaming opportunities in the Philippines are also outstanding, e.g. Wynn Resorts is planning to open a casino there.

Europe also has amazing emerging casino destinations, for example, Monte Carlo, “Ciudad Real” in Spain, Manchester in England where the government has also decided to loosen the regulations and laws.

Latin America is especially popular for its slots, so if that’s what you like to play most of all then you are very welcome to Park Hyatt in Argentina. Apart from a luxurious casino, you will also come across multiple restaurants with different cuisines, meeting space, spa salons, etc.

Even Japan and Vietnam that are so strict about gambling can boast of emerging casinos.

To sum it all up, if you are tired of classic casinos, where nothing changes over the years then why not try new emerging gambling destinations? They will definitely surprise you with new and unique services, multiple games and slots as well as will provide a possibility to not only gamble all days long but also enjoy the time resting in a pool with waterfalls or top-class restaurants.