10 Things to Consider When Moving Cross Country

September 02, 2019


If you are moving cross country for a job, or a different lifestyle – all of the things you need to do can be a little daunting!  We have put a list of things you will need to consider for your big move.

Visa Requirements

You need to ensure that you have fully researched any visa requirements – particularly if you are moving to the US.  It’s also good practice to check with the company you are travelling with that all of the documents you have meet their criteria.

Local Activities and Groups

Make sure you do your research on what local activities and groups there are in your area.  It can already be a stressful time moving to a brand-new country – the sooner you can make friends to settle in the better.

Terminating your Utility Contracts

You don’t want to be paying for utilities after you have moved home, make sure you contact your utility provider well in advance, so you aren’t billed for a period you won’t be using them.

Your Vehicle Arrangements   

If you are moving to the US – selling your car could be a great way to accrue some funds for your move.  It can also be pretty expensive to transport it with you, so if it’s nearly time for a change this could be the best option.


Sorting your phone and internet for arrival

Phones and WiFi are essentials these days, you will also want to be contactable to people from back home.  Check the best phone and internet providers in your new location – and arrange for this to be set up in advance of your moving date.

Ensure you have Appropriate Insurance

Insurance requirements vary from country to country – so you must organise this before you arrive. Look up the health insurance options and home insurance options – and ensure you ask the provider any queries you may have.

Relocating Pets

If you are taking pets with you, then make sure you are well prepared in terms of the documentation you need to transport them cross-country.  You also need to take into consideration that certain animals may need vaccinations before they can travel.

Any Storage Requirements You May Have

If you aren’t taking everything with you, or you plan on shipping some items over at a later date – put the appropriate measures in place for storing these items.  You need these items to be kept safe – so do your research on the security of these locations.

Researching an Experienced Removal Company

You are relying on a company to move some of your prized possessions – so you must make the right choice.  Check out the experience the company has and be sure to look out for client testimonials so you know you can trust them.

Get your Banking in Order

You will need to access your funds as soon as you arrive – so it’s critical you have banking set up at your destination location.  Check well in advance to ensure you have all of the relevant information and documentation you need so there are no surprises.

If you are moving cross-country – hopefully, this checklist will make the process much smoother for you.