12 Secrets you Need to Know About Las Vegas

February 11, 2016

For those who have been to Las Vegas, there’s a good chance that you had a great time but only scratched the surface of what this party city has to offer. So whether you like to gamble or prefer a good online casino game, we’ve done the research for you and found 12 secrets you need to know about Las Vegas:


1 Limos are cheaper than you think

For those who want to travel in style, it’s far cheaper than you think if you want to upgrade from a cab to a limo and you don’t even need to book it ahead of time- all of the major casinos contract with limo companies. A one-way trip for between 6 and 10 people will cost less than $90- well worth a little luxury.

2 Guys get packages as well

While women are well used to VIP service, guys can be left out in the cold. But many hotels are now offering package deals such as the Venetian which offers a spa package including a luxury suite, shave, lunch and massage.

3 The MGM

Many people are unaware that the biggest hotels in Vegas have “secret” hotels within hotels. the MGM Grand has four of these hotels, including the MGM Villa Mansion which is shielded from view and has 29 private villas.

4 Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo is another hotel which has a hidden hotel within. Hotel 32 is a boutique hotel with larger rooms, complimentary breakfast and free cocktails and snacks. It also includes limo pick-up, a suite assistant, and rooms begin at only $150.


5 The Mirage

There are only 14 rooms out of 3044 which are part of The Villas. This has only been open for just over 2 years, and each villa has private indoor and outdoor areas, a butler and private pools.

6 Ceasar’s Palace

Nobu hotel is hidden within Caesar’s Palace and you can even order Nobu sushi for breakfast, or enjoy Japanese craft beers.

7 Pizza

You’ll find plenty of great restaurants at the Cosmopolitan, but there’s also an unnamed pizza place, nestled down an unmarked corridor where you can get a delicious slice.

8 Get outdoors

Located only 3 miles from the strip, you’ll find 100 acres of native trees and plants and more than 3 miles of trails ready to be walked.


9 The Laundry Room

The Laundry Room is a bar within a bar and you’ll find it inside the Commonwealth. With just 27 seats, you also can’t text, take photos or engage in PDA. The cocktails are intensive and worth the wait.

10 Downtown Cocktail Room

The menu here changes four times a year and was a word of mouth destination. The trick door is made of steel, so be sure to push if you want in.

11 Capos

Located off the strip, Capos is a speakeasy-style with red carpeting and low lighting. You’ll be asked the password a the front door although you’re pretty much guaranteed to be let in.

12 Chinese food

Many people are unaware that Las Vegas has a Chinatown (probably because it’s more of a plaza), but you can choose from around a dozen restaurants and find some excellent dim sums.