3 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts You’ll be Proud to Give

June 14, 2019

Father’s day is just around the corner, but this gift guide will also be very useful if you’re hunting for a gift for your dad for Christmas or his birthday. Dads often don’t get the attention they deserve, living a little in the shadow of mother’s who get a lot more praise in the parenting department. Many dads make considerable sacrifices for their families, so if you’re in the mood to spoil your dad here are 3 awesome father’s day gifts you’ll be proud to give.


1. Some Technology
I’m not sure what it is about men but 99% of them love anything tech. They’ll spend hours fiddling around with a drone and have the best time doing so. I think technology is a wonderful gift to give your dad. Maybe you’ve noticed his phone could do with an upgrade? Or you’ve heard him hear about something in particular that he really wants for the house, such as some new lighting deco. What about investing in a high quality sport’s camera so your dad can get the action shots of the family he’s always dreamed of – check out https://omniviewtech.ca for a great option for the sporty dad out there. Last year I got my dad an iPad for his father’s day gift: I chose an iPad over a new phone because of the size and the fact he can adjust the text to properly see things. Likewise he really enjoys watching Netflix so I thought an iPad was a better size.

2. Think About His Hobbies
Does your dad have any hobbies? Maybe he’s a bit of a gym buff and loves working out? Then it could be a nice idea to get him something to use at the gym or even a month’s gym membership. Maybe your dad is more interested in playing darts or pool, then you could get him a new dart set or even a set of clubs for this pool table. If your dad is interest in hunting, then there’s plenty of hunting gear which can upgrade his game. Maybe you’d like to buy him a new crossbow, so you can check out the best Hunting crossbows for sale here. Think about his hobbies and choose something that you know he will love.

3. Quality Time Together
Most parents honestly just want to see their children more. As we grow up and become more independent, the time we spend together becomes less and less frequent. If you’re living in a different state or country to your dad, then even a long Skype date can be a great father’s day gift he will really appreciate. If you’re lucky enough to live closer to your parents, while not take your dad out on a special day doing the things you know he will really love. From taking him out to a movie and brunch, to something a little more specific like a comedy show or even a concert. It doesn’t have to be a big investment on your end, but some time together creating some special memories is a great way to ensure that you give your dad a gift he really wants!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any gift suggestions you think would work for father’s day.