3 Beliefs that Guarantee You’ll Struggle to Make Money and Become Wealthy

November 21, 2019

Since you’re a visitor here on TransBuddha.com, I think it’s safe to assume that you’re at least open to metaphysical insights and possibilities. That’s not to say that you spend half your day in meditation and prayer (though if that’s the path that you’re on, then more power to you!). But it does mean that when it comes to concepts like making money, you appreciate that there’s more to 3 Beliefs that Guarantee You’ll Struggle to Make Money and Become Wealthy

the story than your senses suggest — or that economists and (so-called) financial gurus proclaim.

And so with this in mind, here are three mistaken beliefs that many people harbor — including those who are somewhere along the metaphysical journey — that, instead of increasing their wealth, virtually guarantees that they’ll experience financial stress and struggles for their entire lives:

Belief #1: Money is the root of all evil.

Without a doubt, this is the most baseless belief of them all, and the one that causes the most damage. Contrary to what you may have been taught or led to believe, money is not — repeat, not! — the root of all evil (or any evil for that matter). Rather, it is the obsession, fixation and love of money that invariably launches people in the wrong direction. On its own, money is merely a tool that can be used for positive or negative uses. For example, money can be used to transform a piece of land into a farm that grows nutritious food to sustain thousands of people, or it can be used to turn that same piece of land into a toxic waste dump site that kills wildlife and poisons the earth for generations.

Belief #2: Generating wealth and developing spiritually are mutually exclusive.

Many people believe that to progress on a spiritual path, they must give away their possessions and live a life of poverty. This perception is fundamentally wrong, and always has been. What matters is whether people devote an unreasonable (and just plain ridiculous) amount of their time to generating wealth vs. cultivating their sense of awareness, compassion, and connection to all things. And yes, the flipside of this erroneous belief is the notion that people who were once wealthy but gave their stuff away are somehow more spiritual than others. On the contrary, many of these people are extremely arrogant (especially since they can’t stop reminding other people of their glorious sacrifice). Sure, they have less stuff, but they have massive egos. What’s the point of that? 

Belief #3: You can buy the essential things in life.

Yes, you can buy things that make life safer and more comfortable. For example, you can buy a nice home, you can buy quality medical care, you can afford the cost of restoring a car, you can go on a great vacation, and so on — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. However, don’t for a moment believe — or more likely, be led to believe — that you can buy the essential things in life; because you can’t. I’m talking about inner peace, true love, authentic compassion, and good ol’ fashioned enlightenment. If these things were commodities, you can be assured that long ago some big corporation would have monopolized the market and they would be sold to the highest bidder. Mercifully, these essential things are bestowed by the universe (or Spirit, if you prefer), and are not private property. To experience them, you must carry out your inner work — whatever that happens to be for you. 

Good luck, and enjoy your wealth!