3 Handy Ways to Cut Down Plastic Use in Your Life

June 14, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you’re starting to become seriously aware of how your actions impact the environment and can have a detrimental effect on our planet. One of those things that we all use that is causing a huge issue, is plastic. I’m trying to reduce my plastic use on a daily basis so that I can make a difference to the world we live in. There are some things that are made of plastic that are almost unavoidable, but there are other things that we can easily cut out without much effort. Here are three handy ways to cut down plastic use in your life that you can implement from tomorrow onwards:


1. Think About Your Drinks
I’m someone who loves to drink on the go – and I’m not talking about alcohol. I really enjoy starting my day off with an iced latte from my favourite cafe, every morning. I used to get my drinks to go in a plastic cup, with a plastic straw, and you can only imagine how many cups I would throw out each year. I’ve recently purchased a beautiful tumbler that I can take along with me to refill. Not only does it look better than a standard crappy plastic cup, it’s so much better for the environment. I can reuse my plastic tumbler every single day, ensuring that my coffee habit isn’t adding to the international trash crisis our world is suffering from. Some cafes will even offer a discount for those of us who bring along a reusable coffee cup, helping you save money too. If you want to personalize your cup, or your drink bottle, why not head to NomiandSibs.com and get a customized label for your cups.

2. Reusable Bags
Have you ever counted how many plastic bags you get from a standard grocery shop? I’m sure you will be surprised by the number. I started buying reusable grocery bags about two years ago and have slowly been building up my own stash. They’re more colourful, stronger so they hold more, and can be used over and over. Another thing I love about reusable bags is that they fold up small and compact so you can take them with you anywhere and barely notice they’re there. Whenever I’m traveling, I actually take a reusable bag in my day bag each day when I’m out so if I buy something I have a bag to take it in and can politely refuse plastic bags even when I’m overseas.

3. Be Smart
If you’re at the supermarket and you have the option of buying oranges, but see that there are oranges that are individually wrapped in plastic, or others that are loose – please choose the loose oranges. The truth is that your buying preferences can help encourage supermarkets and other big stores to reduce their overall waste. Many shops and supermarkets are looking to go ‘naked’ and are avoiding packaging. Lush, for example, is a company that’s really committed to reducing their packaging. Show your support by shopping in these places and supporting their priorities. Investing in quality, over cheap and disposable, is a great way to reduce your plastic use. Check out the best nylon 6 for more information on high quality products that can help reduce your plastic waste.

If you’re thinking of moving any time soon, then you’re going to want to do some research on how you can best take your plastic reduction hobbies with you to your new home.