3 Home Repairs to Do This Summer

August 19, 2021

Eighty Seven Park

With summer comes better weather which means it’s the perfect time to do any big home repairs to your home. It’s also the best time to prepare your home for the colder months, so you don’t find yourself dealing with any major problems during the coldest times of year. If you’re trying to think of ways to upgrade your home, here are three home repairs that I suggest you look into this summer.

  • Glass Railings

Do you have a balcony? Maybe you have a staircase in your home. If you have any railings, then these can be the biggest “date stamp” in a property, showing how old the property is and what decade it was built in. I personally find it such a waste when you have a beautiful balcony, but the view is obstructed by ugly, large railings. Glass railings provide all the safety that you’re going to want and legally need, but also allow you to really soak in all the gorgeous views. We’re currently building a house and we’ve decided to do floating stairs with glass railings, so that the staircase is as minimalistic as possible. Check out GlassRailings.ca for some wonderful glass railing options.

  • Your Water Pipes

There’s nothing worse than having water problems in your home – have you ever tried to flush a toilet when the water’s out? It’s not a fun time. That’s why it’s important to invest in your water pipes to ensure they’re not only in good condition, but able to withstand another harsh winter. I suggest looking into your water pipes during the water months because it is much easier to have them taken care of when the weather isn’t below freezing. This is also one of those home repairs that’s going to be cheaper to do proactively, than to have to pay for an emergency fast service because your pipes froze over and burst during the middle of winter. Check out HeatLine.com for more information on solutions for water pipes during the colder months.

  • The Garden

Having a nice garden is a luxury and sometimes it’s something that we neglect and forget to invest in. But the truth is, a garden can either be a place that brings us joy, or actually saves us money. With how food is going in the world, being more processed, and grown with stronger chemicals than ever before, it’s becoming more trendy and more important to grow our own food. If you’re interested in starting to grow your own food at home, then you’re going to have to do a little bit of research to see what kind of fruits and vegetables are going to grow well in the region you’re living in. If you’re living in an apartment and don’t have much space, then it can be worthwhile investing in a creative way to also grow your own fruits and vegetables using either some bench space in your house or even your small balcony. Check out https://www.octopot.com for a great space saving option for growing your own food.

  • Give your kitchen some TLC

Before you spend a fortune on a larger renovations, there are some things you might want to think about. Not every change you make will increase the value of your home, but certain small improvements can reap big rewards. See these ideas for kitchen upgrades that won’t cost the earth, especially if you plan on doing the kitchen demolition yourself.

Investing in your home with some repairs can save you from having to deal with a disaster down the line.