3 Money Saving Tips for Your Next Adventure

January 20, 2017

Traveling can be a relaxing adventure that can help rejuvenate the soul. But traveling can become quite costly when you start adding up all the expenses. Hotel rooms, rental cars, and dining out can really put a strain on your budget. Luckily, using a few simple some money-saving tips can help you stretch your travel dollars. Below you will find three travel tips that you can use on your next vacation.

1. Consider a Vacation Home

If you are going to be staying at a destination for more than a few days, why not rent a vacation home? While staying in a hotel come be very relaxing, it can become very expensive as well. Renting a vacation home is easy and you will have room for the entire family. It can also be more comfortable and convenient since the environment is lived in and has all the essentials of home. On a trip I recently took to Rhode Island, I stayed in a beautiful cottage right on the beach, and was able to set up camp and settle in right away. Whether you are staying for a week or the entire month, a vacation home is a perfect base that will allow you to explore your destination. Additionally, a vacation home will allow you to cook your own meals. Cooking just a few meals can save you hundreds of dollars depending on the size of your travel group. A great place to find vacation homes that are highly affordable are sites like Airbnb. This website links property owners directly with travelers making the rental process easy.


2. Travel Off-Season

Another wonderful travel tip that will save you money is traveling during the off-season. Many tourist destinations are super expensive during the summer months. When tourists leave town, many of these locations become highly affordable. Hotels, restaurants, and even parks remain open after the busy travel season. To bring visitors in during the off-season and still turn a profit, these locations will offer huge discounts. Depending on the location, traveling during the fall or winter could save you thousands of dollars. If you have a job that allows you to work from home, you can essentially transport your office to another location for a reasonable price! Keep in mind that you may have to call ahead of time to ensure that the locations you want to visit will be open.

3. Hire a Travel Agent

When making travel plans, most people turn to the internet. Using online budget websites to book airfare, hotels, and rental cars can save you some money. But an experienced travel agent can often save you more. Because a travel agent can book flights and hotel rooms directly from their sources, they often can get better rates. Travel agents charge a small commission which is added into the total price of your trip. Bundled deals and all-inclusive trips are also offered by travel agents which can save you even more. Travel agents can also help you during your trip by acting as your own personal travel guide. This service is often included in their commission rate. Having someone who knows the destination you are traveling to can be very valuable.

Pack Your Bags

Now that you know how to save money while traveling, why not start planning your next trip today? Tips like these can help save a lot, allowing you more of your hard-earned money to either save, apply towards other purchases, or spend while you are there. Remember, budget travel does not have to mean that you can’t enjoy luxury. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime while saving money at the same time.


Ross Cameron is a full-time day trader and owner of  Warrior Trading which he founded in 2012 as a live trading chat room emphasizing education and idea generation. In 2014, he began teaching day trading classes, taking a break in 2015 to write a best-selling book How to Day Trade, which can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers. Day trading allows Ross to travel and bring his work with him. Today he continues to trade in his chat room and teach trading courses, and lives with his family in Vermont.