3 Quick Ways to Beat Stress

January 29, 2020

Stress is something that we all deal with in some capacity, but it’s very easy for stress to snowball and become something that really weighs you down. Modern life is a juggling act – we have to find a balance between our family, friends, social commitments, work, hobbies and everything else on a daily basis. It’s tiring! But there are some easy ways you can minimise stress in your daily life to feel better, more energised and more relaxed. Here are my top 3 ways to beat stress:

1. Go for a Massage
I personally love going for a massage. I find it really hard to slow down during the week, I’m always go-go-go trying to get as much done before the day is done. That’s why a massage is the perfect way for me to relax and unwind – I’m forced to lay still for an hour or two while my body is pampered. Not only does a massage feel really good and relax you, it’s a great way to have some “free time” to work through whatever’s going through your head. There’s also absolutely no way you can work while laying down on a massage table with your eyes closed – so no need to feel bad about taking that time to focus on yourself. I always leave a massage feeling so much lighter, more relaxed and ready to tackle the week ahead. Check out massage chandler az for some wonderful massage packages on offer.

2. Exercise
Exercising is a wonderful way to take care of your body. I love the way I feel after a hard work out, endorphins firing around and ensuring that I feel upbeat and energized, no matter how hard the day’s been. I personally prefer social exercise so that I’m hitting two birds with one stone, and the social aspect helps keep me accountable. The trick is to find something you love to do, that way you’ll be much more likely to stick at it. Exercise will also do wonders for other aspects of your health too, so it’s definitely something you should factor in regularly – aim for at least 3 times a week.

3. Learn to Say No

Often we make ourselves more stressed by overcommitting and saying yes to things that we don’t really want to do. Learning to say no to things that don’t work for you is a wonderful way to advocate for yourself, to minimise your stress levels and to ensure you have time to focus on the things you really want to do. It can be a bit awkward at first, but the easiest way to say no to something you don’t want to do, is quite simply to state you have a prior commitment. They don’t need to know that the prior commitment is a massage you booked in for yourself!

Stress can really affect your health over time, so use these simple tips to minimise your stress levels and ensure you feel as good as possible.