3 Special Gifts You Can Give a College Graduate

June 14, 2019

Graduation season is around us right now, depending on where you are living you will have noticed plenty of people graduating around you. If you have family members or special friends who are finally graduating, then chances are you’re picking your brain for some gift ideas to give them. Graduation is such a special time, after all those years of hard work and thousands of dollars invested, college is done and dusted and it’s time to enter the working world. Here are my suggestions for 3 special gifts you can give a college graduate that they’ll actually love.


1. An Adventure
This would have been my dream college graduation gift and something I wish I had the opportunity to go on once I finished college. If your finances allow, why not splash out and give the gift of travel. If your god daughter/son or child has finally finished their big college adventure, then there’s no better way to say congratulations than by giving them an overseas adventure. While I’m sure they learned so much during their studies, there are some things you can only learn ‘on the road’. It doesn’t have to be a trip to a far flung location, even a holiday within your country can be a fun way to spoil them. If your budget allows, why not do a trip together? If you plan this in advance, you can even offer to fund the trip if they share some of the responsibilities. If you’re heading overseas, click here now to find out tips about how to stay safe and make the most of your trip.
2. Wine Delivery
First check to make sure they’re old enough to drink wine whenever they are. After the stress of final exams and three or four years of hard, academic study, a nice wine delivery is probably most college student’s dream gift. There are so many wine packages available online at a variety of budgets, meaning no matter what you want to spend, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lovely gift that will be treasured. Check out these great value wine baskets that often include free delivery.
3. A Mover
Did the college student in your life move across the country or overseas for their college degree? While I’m sure it was an incredible adventure and helped them learn how to be more independent, one of the issues about moving so far away for college is figuring out how to get home when it’s all done and dusted. Most college students are tight on cash, so would be unable to justify the additional expense of paying a professional mover to get their stuff back to where they’re from. If you’re in a position to help financially or simply want to take some of the pressure off, then you can look at getting in touch with some movers such asĀ best pasadena movers to help with the logistics and hard work that is moving things across the country. Using a professional moving service can make a big difference in the overall stress levels of moving home after college.

Graduating college is a big deal, so spending a little to celebrate this success is a wonderful way to show that you care and that you’re proud of the graduate in your life.