3 Tips for a Fun Bachelor Party

November 12, 2019

Are you getting married? Or maybe you have the task of making the perfect bachelor party for your best friend? How exciting and what a great excuse to have a fun party. Whether you’re planning for yourself or someone else, these are three tips that will help ensure you create the best party possible.

1. Go Away
If it’s in your group’s budget, I always suggest going away for a bachelor party. There’s something so exciting about piling into a car, or onto a plane, with some of your closet friends. As we get older, start getting married and starting families, it can be harder and harder to find time to spend together – especially a trip away. That’s why I think a bachelor party is the perfect excuse for planning a trip away together. Sometimes it makes more sense to spend a little more on flights to head off somewhere cheaper so you can save money on accommodation and alcohol. If your budget is a bit smaller, why not consider doing a camping road trip together? There’s something so special about being in a car with some of your favourite people for hours at a time, heading away somewhere new.

2. Get Accessories
Part of the fun of a bachelor party is all the stupid stuff you can buy that makes it even more fun. Just get silly and enjoy this special time. Whether it’s getting matching tshirts made with the face of the groom on it or buying a doll from jsdolls.com. Whatever you choose to do, just go with it. You can even get shot glasses in the shape of the female form. These little details might seem silly, but they can really set the mood and ensure that the stag do is as fun as possible.

3. Take Photos

You might not want to take photos of the whole weekend or night, but I suggest starting early with the pics before things get a little crazy. One thing I’ve started doing that I really enjoy is using a Polaroid during special occasions so that I can have photos to keep. I even try to take a few pics of the same scene, so that I can give some polaroids to the other people in the pic. It’s a fun little thing that you can look back on and treasure.

Bachelor parties are such a fun way to celebrate your friend and create some great memories together. Use these three tips to ensure it’s a memorable party or trip you will look back on for years to come.