3 Tips for a Memorable Weekend Break

March 28, 2019


If you need to get away for a bit, it doesn’t have to be a long multi-week trip – heading away for a weekend is often enough to relax and refresh you, enjoying that you’re feeling a little more invigorated. There are a few ways that you can make a weekend trip more memorable. Booking last minute is a fun way to save money, while also keeping things exciting by being spontaneous. You can easily extend a weekend trip by using one paid day off on a Friday or Monday to make the weekend a little longer, or you can plan your weekend breaks around national holidays that fall either side of the weekend. Thinking local is a great way to make your weekend trip even more memorable because heading away on a road trip nearby ensures that you’re not spending too long on the road and can be relaxing as soon as possible! For more inspiration on how to have a memorable weekend break, read on:

1. Book Last Minute 
I’m a big fan of last minute deals because you can often find incredible holiday deals and packages at unbeatable prices. After all, if they don’t sell out the offers then it’s just empty hotels and accommodation that could otherwise be making some money. Booking last minute works best if you have some flexibility in where you would go. You can find some really great deals and it can be a creative way to consider destinations that you might not have otherwise thought to visit. If you’re interested in a last minute weekend break, then why not give it a go! You might find it an addictive way to travel.

2. Make the Most of Holidays
While a weekend is plenty of time to head away, once you factor in driving time, your relaxing time can seem a little tight. That’s why I suggest making it a slightly longer holiday if you can by using the bank holidays either side of a weekend to stretch things out. One downside to travelling around bank holidays is that things can be a lot busier because everyone has the same idea as you! If you’re wanting to do a last minute kind of holiday, it might be easier to request a day of leave off for either the Friday or Monday – or both if you’re feeling indulgent – to create a long weekend escape.

3. Think Local
There’s a huge trend across the globe for something called “Staycations” where you act like a tourist in your own city. You stay in a nice hotel or Airbnb and do things that you might not otherwise do in your daily routine, like heading to your city’s main tourist attractions or spending all day in the day spa. This sounds like a fun way to fall in love with where you live again, but you can always stray a little further away for a weekend trip. Why not visit somewhere you haven’t been that’s a few hours away – that’s a fun amount of time to drive, while still allowing you to explore somewhere new or somewhere with new eyes!

Weekend breaks can be game-changing. If you’re finding the daily grind of work, balancing a social life and family responsibilities to be overwhelming, why not book a weekend getaway to refresh yourself and to disconnect a little.