3 Tips for Getting Started with CRM

July 18, 2022

Implementing CRM software can be a complete game changer. It can help you automate parts of your business that are very time-consuming, such as storing your client’s information and habits, and their interactions with your business. If you’re new to using a CRM here are some tips for getting started with a customer relations manager:

1. Keep an Eye on Your Clients Purchasing History
It’s much easier to sell to customers you already have than to find new customers and convince them to work with you. For that reason, I always suggest that people use their clients’ purchasing history as a way to best invest their time. There’s a rule that 80% of your sales probably come from 20% of your clients, so you want to focus your time and energy on that 20%. You can use your CRM to create actions, for example, if your client recently bought something, you can have the CRM show them a related product they might be interested in buying, which helps promote repeat business. Click here to learn more about this great wine company that you might like. 

2. Automate Things
Is there anything better than setting something and forgetting about it, but watching the sales roll in? The answer is no! And good CRM software allows you to achieve this result with your business. When you add a new lead to your CRM software, you can have it do automated tasks, such as sending follow-up emails, showcasing promotions or other automated interactions to keep your business at the front of their attention. For example, if you have a private jet charter, you could share special pricing or upcoming routes with any new leads. 

3. Learn From Analytics
The great thing about using CRM software to manage this part of your business is that it will store information about how your clients interact with your correspondence and their buying history. This makes it really easy for you to see trends and you can use this to your advantage. You can learn about what campaigns were more successful, how many emails you need to send to get a sale and so much more. To learn more, check out zoho quickbooks online integration

Getting started with CRM doesn’t have to be complicated. Use these tips to quickly get a headstart on your new CRM software and to see how it can work for you.