3 Tips for Helping the Enviroment

December 09, 2019

We have to be careful, we only have one planet to live on after all! As time goes on, I think we’re becoming more aware of our environmental impact and how we can make small changes that all together will make a difference. It can be something as small as taking your own cup to a cafe instead of getting a takeaway coffee cup. Likewise, taking your own bags to the supermarket can make a huge difference. Here are my top 3 tips for helping the environment without stressing yourself out.

1. Take Your Own Cup

Taking your own cup to a cafe when you’re getting a drink to go, is such a small but powerful way to make a difference. Most takeaway cups aren’t recyclable, meaning that they just end up in landfills across the globe. Say you’re drinking one coffee a day, that’s some 250 cups a year that are just being wasted. Buying your own cup and taking it along can make such a big difference to your garbage consumption, plus you can get an insulted cup that will keep your drink hot or cold for longer, depending on the drink type. Luxe Hydration have a variety of cute cups that you’ll be able to use for years to come.

2. Get Reusable Bags
I keep a reusable bag in my handbag, so that when I’m out and about grabbing a few things I can say no to the plastic bag. I also keep a few in the trunk of my car so I can load up my groceries and I don’t need to rely on single use bags. Many supermarkets and stores are now charging for single use bags, so using the reusable bags not only saves the environment but can also save you money. You can even become a bit of an influencer in your social group, or online, by modelling how to reduce plastic waste.

3. Reduce Your Food Wastage

One of the “worst” ways we’re negatively impacting the environment is with food wastage. The amount of food that gets thrown out each year by the average American is just outrageous and I’m sure you’ve had that feeling when you go through your fridge and have spoiled food that you have no choice but to get rid of. I find that shopping with a clear list for specific recipes helps me reduce my food wastage. Also programs such as Hello Fresh which are delivery services that deliver exact amounts of food, with recipes, help reduce food wastage because you’re only getting exactly what you need.

Click here for some more important issues we need to think about as we age. Making small changes you can keep doing regularly will make a great impact on the environment as time goes on.