3 Tips for Lowering Your Stress Levels

June 13, 2019

Stress is considered a normal part of a modern lifestyle, but many of us are living with high levels of stress in our day to day lives that are not sustainable. Figuring out ways that can help lower your stress is a wonderful way to invest in not only your health, but your quality of life too. If you’re feeling stressed and not sure about good ways to reduce the stress in your day to day life, here are my top 3 tips for lowering your stress levels:


1. Exercise
How much exercise are you doing on a regular basis? If you’re not doing any, then chances are you would benefit immensely from adding in a regular exercise routine. If you’re already being active, you might still find a benefit if you add in a little more exercise in your day to day life. Simple things like choosing the stairs instead of the lift, and parking a block further away and walking, are great ways to ensure that you’re adding a little bit more activity into each day. My best tip for developing a healthy exercise routine is to find something that you genuinely enjoy so that you look forward to doing it each day. Whether that’s a pilates class, doing yoga, taking up swimming or kick boxing. If you can find something to do with a friend, the added accountability will help ensure that you make it a regular part of your routine.

2. Herbal Options
Obviously talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or using any herbal options. If you’re feeling stressed and not sure exactly why, then adding in a supplement can be a great way to help boost your energy levels and lower your stress. Some basic vitamins you can try include a mix of vitamin B supplements or vitamin D supplements. What will help you the most will depend on your needs. It may be worth discussing this with your doctor and seeing if you can do blood testing to see if you’re lacking in anything. You can also look into both https://www.smokersvice.com/shop/dab-rigs.htmlXpressGrass.com/ and https://xvapeusa.com/product-category/concentrates/ for some herbal options.
3. Spa Treatments
For me there’s literally nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa. Obviously going to the spa is a bit of a financial investment so it’s something I like to save for a special treat for once or twice a month. I like to shop around on discount websites to find spa vouchers for either massages or facials that are discounted and allow me to go more often. The thing that I love about a spa day is that you’re literally forced to slow down and relax. You can’t check your phone or emails when your eyes are closed and face down on the massage table. I also appreciate how good I feel after a proper massage, not only does it reduce my stress levels but it also ensures that my body is as relaxed as possible.

High stress can have such a negative impact on stress, so use these three tips to lower your stress levels and relax a little more.