3 Tips for Moving House

June 13, 2019

Moving house can be extremely stressful – it’s often ranked as one of life’s most stressful experiences. Throw in moving to a different country, across the state, or overseas and you’re in for a real treat. Chances are you have so many moving pieces to organize for your move, such as finding new schools for your children or worrying about the actual logistics of moving your things, so here are three tips for moving house without losing your mind.

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1. Ask for Help
You probably have friends or family wherever you live that would be happy to help you with the logistics of a move. Invite a friend over ask them to help you pack, share a nice meal and a bottle of wine while you tackle the giant task. Just be prepared to return the favour next time they need help with a move. The truth is, a move can be really overwhelming especially if you’re tackling it by yourself, so ask those closet to you to lend a hand to ensure that you can get all packed up and moved as quickly as possible.

2. Get the Professionals In
At some point, it’s just so much easier to have the professionals come in and help you with the move. There are so many different packages available now that are at different price points. Depending on your budget, you might be able to have a team come in, pack everything for you, and move it to your new home. If you’re on a bit more of a budget, it might just be worth springing for the cost of professional movers to help with the bigger items. It can be hard trying to transport bigger pieces, so having help with this can relieve a lot of stress. Check out these great moving companies for some quotes and price points for your next month.

3. Only Take What You Need
If you’re moving overseas or across the country temporarily, it might not be worth the hassle of taking all your bigger items with you. You may find it better to instead only take the smaller things you’ll use on a daily basis, such as clothes and shoes. You might be able to find a house you love that comes fully equipped, meaning that you don’t need any furniture with you. If you aren’t so lucky, then you can also look into other options for furnishing your home such as rent to own couches today which can be a great option if you’re just getting started somewhere new. I suggest that you look into the overall cost of transporting your bigger items, and compare that cost to renting or buying new in your destination. Shops like Ikea make it very easy to find furnishings for your home at an affordable price point.

If you’re planning to start packing for your big move, you might want to look into flexible work opportunities so that you can find a great opportunity in your new city.