3 Tips for Saving More Money for Travel

June 18, 2021

While we’re mostly stuck at home right now, many of us are thinking of ways we can get more money together for when things are back to normal so we can travel more. Whether you’re wanting to head away for a week, or even a long term trip, you’re going to need some serious savings to ensure you can do things exactly how you want. Here are three tips for saving more money for travel:

1. Make Money Online
There are so many different ways to make money online, from working as a freelancer, to owning your own blog (hello!) through to online casino spiele, where you can play games and make money. In order to find the best way to make some extra cash online, you’re going to have to think about what you’re happy to do in the long term. Blogging for example, while it can be extremely lucrative, it often takes years before the blog is profitable, and even then so many people give up before that point. So it’s worthwhile figuring out what you’ll enjoy in the longterm, so while it’s not profitable you have the energy to keep going.

2. Sell Some Old Things
While I’m a bit late to get on the spring cleaning bandwagon, I’ve been cleaning out my closet and found so many clothes I’ve not worn in years. Some I bought and wore once, and haven’t worn since. While it’s tempting to wait to see if they’ll fit better later, or I’ll like them more, but the reality is if you’ve not worn them in years, you’re unlikely to use them again. So for that reason I suggest setting aside those you know you’ve not touched in a long time, and selling them for some extra cash. You’ll be surprised how much you can make from selling, and it can also be a great way to clear out clutter of your home. Facebook Marketplace can be a great place to list your unused items, or you can go the traditional route and have a garage sale.

3. Make a Budget
They say you can’t really control what you don’t measure, and that extends to finances too. While creating a budget can be a very unexciting weekend activity, it can make a huge difference to your finances. Sometimes we’re completely unaware of how much money we’re spending on small purchases that add up quickly. For example you might be surprised to realise that a $5 coffee a day, is $150 per month or over $1,800 a year. You can purchase flights to almost anywhere in the world for $1,800! If you think about how much you’re spending on Uber Eats, drinking, and so on, you can quickly see that over the course of a year you can easily set aside enough money for a trip overseas with a few small changes.

While playing meilleurs jeux au casino can be a great way to make some extra money for your trip, there are plenty of ways you can set money aside if you get creative.