4 Most Relaxing Road Trips in the United States

December 08, 2020

Do you ever just want to escape for a few days and hit the open road driving with your windows down and your music blasting? Why not take a relaxing road trip on one of the many roads in the United States?

Take a mental break from your everyday stressors and just focus on the road ahead of you. Enjoy the beautiful landscape that America has to offer right from the comfort of your car. Drive for a few days or a couple of weeks, it’s up to you!

The only thing you have to do before jumping on the road is make a killer playlist and prepare your car. If you really want to do an American road trip, jump in your truck, slap on a Ford raptor bed cover to protect your bags, fill up your gas tank, and get going!

Pacific Coast Highway

Things are always better by the ocean. Drive alongside the Pacific Ocean up and down the coast for three days along the Pacific Coast Highway. Stretching from San Francisco to San Diego, you’ll drive along the exciting and winding roads that line the coast of California.

Make sure to stop along the way at the famous wineries and to explore Big Sur.

Route 66

You’ve heard about it in movies and songs, now it’s time to experience Route 66 on a relaxing road trip. You drive a relaxing road trip for an entire two weeks starting in Lake Michigan all the way to Los Angeles.

You’ll feel like you’ve transported back in time visiting the country’s oldest church and enjoying quick meals at some of the most famous diners.

Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway

If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park and the prehistoric era, then you’ll go wild on the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway. Stretching from Colorado to Utah, you’ll drive for three days through beautiful national parks, near Dinosaur Quarry, and gorgeous mountains and rock formations.

You’ll feel as if you’ve entered into an entirely different world driving along these lonely roads. Make sure to stop for pictures and take time to explore these incredible formations and get a little dirty as you enjoy your relaxing road trip.

Great River Road

Take your car along the most famous river in the United States – the Mississippi River! Drive along this massive river from Minnesota all the way to Louisiana. In just five days, you’ll have driven from the north of the US to the south, experiencing some of the best foods along the way.

You can stop at amazing wildlife refuges and national parks along the way. Plus, you’ll end up in America’s party city – New Orleans! So grab yourself a po’boy and a drink on Bourbon Street to celebrate the completion of your relaxing road trip.