4 Must Do Things on a Trip to Australia

June 18, 2021

For so many people, Australia is a bucket list destination. It has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, a laid back summer vibe, and some incredible road trip routes. Whether you’ve already enjoyed online pokies in australia, or this is your first trip over, I’ve written a list of 4 must do things on a trip to Australia:

  1. The Sydney Opera House
    This is probably the most famous landmark in all of Australia, and for good reason. It’s a very interesting looking landmark. While it’s easy to get stunning views of the Sydney Opera House from the harbour for free, it’s worth taking a ferry to Manly where you’ll get incredible views of it on the way over. If you can see a show at the theatre, then I also suggest that because it’s beautiful on the inside too. There are also ‘behind the scenes’ tours that you can pay to go on, but I would suggest spending the money on a show at the theater instead if you can.

    2. Head to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
    Located in Brisbane, this Koala Sanctuary is a must visit. It’s home to over 70 species of Australian native animals in a beautiful setting, allowing you to enjoy the animals in a natural environment. There are various shows and talks by the keepers, as well as opportunities to feed animals which is sure to delight children. You can even take a river cruise to arrive there, making for a really fun day out. Expect to spend at least three hours here, although if you go with small children I’d budget a little more time. This is one of those special Australian experiences you just can get elsewhere.

    3. Hit Up The Beach
    If you’re looking for good beaches, you’re spoiled for options in Australia. There are hundreds of lovely beaches to choose from, so you wont have to travel too far to find one. Some of the most popular and famous beaches in Australia include: Bondi beach, Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, and Four Mile Beach. Just be warned, once you’ve enjoyed a beach in Australia, you might not want to head home. Make it an authentic Australian experience and grab some fish and chips to eat for lunch while you’re there.

    4. Head on an Australian Road Trip
    The roads are great in Australia, making for a fun location to do road trips. One of the best is the The Great OceanĀ Road, Victoria. It’s so beautiful that it’s listed as an Australian National Heritage stretch of road which connects the cities of Torquay and Allansford. The road mostly hugs the coastline, ensuring for beautiful views for almost the entire drive. If you’re into cycling, it’s a popular place for cycling events. There are a few great places worth stopping off at along the way, such as the London Arch and Island Arch, both which make striking photo opportunities and of course there are numerous gorgeous beaches along the way.

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