4 Reasons to Opt for Comprehensive Cover with Car Insurance

October 20, 2021

When we buy car insurance, we will have a choice of cover. We can just purchase insurance for the other person’s vehicle because the law requires us to do so or purchase further cover to protect ourselves against potential financial losses.

So, let us consider what comprehensive car insurance will offer us in addition to policies that only legally cover us for third-party damage. Places like one sure insurance can help you with this.

Protection for Your Car

Comprehensive, or fully comprehensive cover, as it is also referred to in the car insurance industry, also allows you to cover your car against loss or damage sustained to it, regardless of fault. Otherwise only the person’s car that you hit would be covered. It is about being fully insured and not having any loss but the excess to sustain. Then, apart from the compulsory excesses applied, you can choose how high those are.

Windscreen Cover

The advantage of purchasing comprehensive car insurance is that most of the time windscreen cover will be included in the premium that you pay.

It can be thought of as a criminal offense to drive with a windscreen that is damaged. If you should be stopped, then you may well find yourself fined and receive three penalty points on your license. The Highway Code will state that a driver’s view should not be impeded because of imperfections in a windscreen glass. It is common sense, too, not to have anything restricting your vision that can be repaired. It is having insurance that allows you to afford to have it repaired. Comprehensive car insurance gives you no reason not to have your windscreen repaired or replaced.

You should be aware that although a windscreen claim is small compared to a claim for vehicle body damage or injury, you will still be required to declare it as a claim to insurance companies when obtaining quotations. This is if it has happened within five years. Most insurers will not penalise you too much for these types of claims. All material facts need to be taken into account with insurance, though.

It is important to think of your car windscreen at all times of the year, particularly in the winter when vision can already be impaired for drivers.

Vehicle Values

When you pay a lot for the car of your dreams, you want to know that it is financially protected. You want to know that you could have it repaired or replaced should it sustain significant damage. It is the value of a vehicle that will generally determine what type of car insurance policy a policyholder elects to have. If the car is of high value, such as a sports or luxury car, then what begins as just third party only cover will extend to include loss from fire or theft and damage caused by any of its insured drivers. Then, as mentioned above, a windscreen cover should be included too. The cost of replacing a windscreen will likely be more expensive when a car was more expensive to buy in the first place. It might seem like just another windscreen but there will be differences in costs between the different makes and models.

With a second-hand car, which may still hold significant value, its cost will be influenced by both mileage and condition. It is insurance that helps maintain the condition of a vehicle, making sure that it is restored to how it was before an accident occurred. As far as repairs go, that are not accident related, these should ideally be carried out by a professional so that there is documentation and history to what has taken place with a car. It helps increase the value of a car to prove that a new part has been professionally fitted by the garage looking after your car.

Finance Agreements

Finance agreements also create the need for comprehensive car or vehicle insurance so that both parties are protected. The person paying for a vehicle in installments will not want to end up in a situation where their car has been lost to an accident and they are still paying for it. Equally, the person selling the car on such an agreement will want the asset that is still being paid for protected by insurance.

Car loans will not automatically include insurance, so this is something that you will need to buy and should consider in your budget. Particularly when you need to be insuring a car comprehensively, which will cost more.

To conclude, with comprehensive car insurance, we are protecting our vehicle as well as that of others, mostly automatically providing ourselves with windscreen cover, and financially protecting the asset that is of significant value.