4 Special Gifts to Buy Yourself

June 13, 2019


I’m big into buying gifts but usually I buy gifts for other people, often even buying things I secretly wish for myself. The truth is, there’s absolutely no harm in buying yourself a gift here and there. It can be a fun way to treat yourself and to break up the weekly grind. If you’re thinking about treating yourself to something special, but not sure where to start, here are my top 4 special gifts to buy yourself.

1. A Decent Coffee Machine
If you’re not a coffee drinker, well then you might want to skip this one and move onto the next gift idea. I personally love coffee and don’t function without it. So for me it’s not a case of whether I’ll have a coffee each day, but when. At the moment at home all I use is a French press which does make nice coffee, but I find myself going out every day to get a more intense coffee in the form of a latte. If I was to add up the amount of money I spend each week or month on coffee, I’m sure it would really shock me. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a good espresso machine for a while so I’m thinking this could be the right time to splash out and get myself that gift I’ve been dreaming of. Check out https://www.anthonysespresso.com/Semi-Automatic-Manual/Rocket for some great options.

2. A Nice Bottle of Wine
If you’re anything like me, then you frequently get a cheaper bottle of wine for yourself but will take all your nice wine around to your friend’s houses for gifts or dinner parties. Sometimes it’s time to just treat yourself – whether you’re going to enjoy that nice bottle of wine at home with friends, or alone in a bath. If you’re looking for some nice wine, check out NakedWinery.com you can get bottles of high quality wine delivered right to your door.

3. Coffee Subscription Boxes
Have you ever gotten up bright and early to make a fresh cup of coffee only to realize you’ve run out and you wont be having any coffee until you haul yourself to the store? I have and I personally think it’s the worst way to start your day. You can give yourself the gift of a coffee subscription box to ensure that you always have fresh beans at home waiting for you. For more information on a great coffee subscription box, check out www.natescoffee.com/product/nates-coffee-subscription-box/.

4. A Massage
I personally love massages as it’s a special time dedicated to relaxing, that forces me to slow down and enjoy some peace and quiet. I find meditation a little challenging to get into the habit of, so a massage for me is essentially a form of meditation. I also love the way my body feels after being rubbed out and it does wonders for my back. For me a massage is a special treat that I like to gift myself at least a few times a year. Check out Groupon or other coupon sites for some great deals to save money on your next massage.

Spoiling yourself a little can have great benefits for not only your mental health, but also your energy levels. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, I’m sure any one of these suggestions would make for a lovely gift to yourself!