4 Things You Have to do in New York

September 12, 2017

I’ve travelled to over more than 40 countries and loved each of them for different reasons. But there’s one city that stands out as perhaps the best city in the entire world: New York City. Whether you’re a foodie, into arts and history, or just want to do some serious shopping, New York really has it all. They say it’s the city that never sleeps and it proves true: there’s something interesting to do no matter the hour. If you’ve been craving a trip to New York City, there’s no better time than now, so book your flights and see the New York City attractions! Here are my top 4 picks of things to do and see in New York City.

1. The Empire State Building
This is one of the world’s most treasured buildings and it has the added bonus of having a pretty incredible view of New York City. In my opinion, the best time to go up is just before sunset. You can see New York City in all of its glory in the day and watch as the evening lights flicker on and you’ll see the city come together in another light! Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone, because you’ll want to snap lots of stunning photos from up here.

2. Central Park
This is an excellent place to go to people watch and no matter the time of year or season outside you’ll find Central Park filled with people. While you’re up the Empire State Building, make sure to take a good look at how big Central Park is – you probably can’t even imagine how much the land would be worth if it were up for sale. I love that such a large part of the city is reserved to be green and to give the people a wonderful place to spend their free time.

3. MoMA – Museum of Modern Arts
This is a great museum and you really need the better part of an entire day to get through all the wonderful exhibitions. This is a great option if you’re on a budget, because the entry is really donation based, so you can donate whatever you can afford! The exhibitions are constantly changing, so it’s hard to predict what you may see when you visit, but the Collection Galleries 1800s- 1950s is an expansive art collection, including the very famous piece Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Perfect place to go if the weather is cold and you just need a break from the harsh New York City weather!

4. Staten Island Ferry
This is just a normal ferry service, to get people from the city to Staten Island, but it has the added benefit of providing excellent views of NYC and a direct path past the Statue of Liberty. I really love taking the Staten Island Ferry because it’s very affordable and Staten Island is a cute little place to walk around. Many people choose to just take the ferry round trip, without getting off, but I think if you have the extra time and the weather’s good take the ferry to Staten Island and walk around, finding a cute little restaurant to have lunch in.

New York City is one of those cities that you may have to visit more than once, there’s just so much to do and the energy of the city is infectious! Use these four simple tips to see a little more of what New York has to offer you without breaking the bank.