4 Tips for Living with Depression

February 04, 2020

Depression is something most of us will come to experience at one point in our lives, hopefully just for a short period of time. It can be hard to deal with having depression because there’s still a stigma about mental health issues. The way I see it is that our modern lives are the perfect recipe for depression: a lack of movement and sunshine, a loss of community living and the high pressures of modern lives. Add in some social media where people are just sharing the best of their lives and it’s easy to start feeling a bit off. There are a few things you can do to help yourself cope with depression and to help you to find a way out, here are my top 4 tips for living with depression:

1. Consider Therapy
Most of us can benefit from therapy. Whether it can be a way to work through some of your mental road blocks, through trauma you had as a child, or just to work on your current relationships. Check out Playa vista therapy for some great options in the Playa Vista California area. This is an investment in yourself that you will see dividends on in all areas of your life.

2. Get Some Vitamin D

It’s well known that Vitamin D, which is a hormone not actually a vitamin, is something that can greatly impact mood. If you live somewhere where there’s enough sunshine year round, then try to spend 15-30 minutes a day in the sun which should be enough to boost your Vitamin D levels. If you live somewhere that has harsh winters or a lack of sunshine, then you might want to consider a supplement. Vitamin D is an expensive supplement that can make a huge difference to your mood and can help things seem less “foggy”.

3. See People You Love
It can be hard to be social when you’re in the middle of a thick storm. It can be tempting to stay at home, to watch Netflix and spend time alone. While there’s nothing wrong with that and it can be very relaxing, it’s generally a good idea to encourage yourself to see people who make you feel loved and cared for. All the better if they’re people you can share how you’re feeling with, it’s a good idea to have someone to talk to and keep an eye on you if you’re feeling quite low.

4. Exercise
Exercising is a great way to release a powerful cocktail of endorphins into your body that will help you feel good. It’s also a great achievement, knowing that you set aside some time during the day to prioritise your health and fitness. Find something you love, that feels fun, and maybe even something social like a fitness or yoga class. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference a good exercise routine can make in your life.

These four tips should help you find dealing with depression more manageable, however if you’re finding that nothing is helping please seek medical advice to get you back on the right track!