4 Tips for Visiting Santorini

October 11, 2021

Santorini is one of those bucket-list destinations that most of us would love to visit. After a tough year and a half, with most travel completely on hold, many of us are itching to get away. Now could be the perfect time to plan a trip to Santorini, as it’s usually a crowded place, but with lower tourist numbers right now, you may find more competitive pricing than usual. Whether this is your first time visiting the beautiful island, or you’ve been a few times before, here are my top 4 tips for visiting Santorini.

  1. Be Mindful About When You Go
    You may be limited to holiday during specific times, such as school holidays or during your annual leave. But the reality is the peak summer months are not only extremely hot, but also the most expensive time to visit. If you have some flexibility as to when you can go, I always suggest visiting Santorini in the shoulder seasons, like April and May, and September and October. You’ll be surprised by how much the rates drop for Santorini villas during these months, allowing you to have beautiful accomodation for much lower rates. The other benefit is that because there aren’t as many people around, you’ll be able to take photos that aren’t filled with hoards of people.
  2. Take Comfortable Shoes
    The hike between Oia to Fira is one of the best walks you can do in the world. The landscapes are striking, and it’s a relatively comfortable walk meaning almost anyone of any ability can do it, so long as you can walk for a few hours. Some of the road is a little less stable than others, so I definitely suggest packing good shoes. You can take a really comfortable inexpensive bus on the way back, or if you want to walk both routes you should leave early in the morning so you can rest in the peak of the day’s heat, before returning. Be sure to take adequate water with you, as there’s a long beautiful stretch with no stores. Be sure to take a fully charged phone or camera, as you’re going to want to take numerous snaps along the way.

  3. Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira
    Be sure to check to see if this museum is currently open when planning your visit. This is a relatively small museum that packs a ton of history, mostly with artefacts from Akrotiri. Here you’ll find lots about the Minoan culture, with plenty of vases, paintings and sculptures to keep you entertained for at least an hour. Don’t forget to visit the exhibitions in the basement. My favorite part of this museum are the beautiful wall paintings. It’s located very close to the bus station, so can be a great way to pass an hour or two before waiting for your next bus.
  4. Consider Renting a Car
    If you’ve got more than a handful of days in Santorini, it can be worth renting a car so you can see more of the island. It’s a relatively easy place to drive around, and having your own car will allow you to easily access some more hidden beaches and boutique vineyards. Car rental is also relatively affordable in Santorini, meaning it can be a good option for most budgets. Also as we are still in the midst of a pandemic, you may prefer your own private transport to minimise the chance of exposure, as well as all the freedoms it provides. Just be warned that there can be quite a lot of traffic in Santorini, so make sure you plan your times accordingly.

    Santorini is a beautiful place and one of those destinations that will more than likely live up to all the hype. Hopefully these tips help you ensure that you have a wonderful trip, and are able to make the most of your time there.