4 Tips For Waking Up Earlier 

August 29, 2022

A lot of people find themselves at the end of the day, wishing they could have gotten more things done. Logic suggests that you may have been able to complete more tasks in your day if only you had woken up earlier.  The question then becomes, how do you wake up early when you don’t want to? 

It can be difficult to find the motivation to get yourself out of bed when the only thing you want to do is rest under the warm and cozy covers. 

The good news is that there are some great tips out there that are incredibly effective.  Take a look at some of the best pointers for waking up earlier and getting more done. 

Set Your Alarm 

This may seem logical to some people; however, you’d be surprised how many people don’t rely on an alarm. An alarm helps you wake up your brain when it’s still in a deep sleep. The key to waking up earlier is getting into the habit. 

Setting an alarm even on weekends will help you force your body to start moving at an earlier time. As your body starts to become used to your wake-up time, you can start setting your alarm earlier and earlier. Before you know it, you’ll have eaten breakfast, shaved your face, and read the newspaper all before 7:00 o’clock in the morning! 

Drink Coffee 

Coffee is one of your best friends in the morning. A hot cup of java will help you get the day started on the right foot. While caffeine isn’t recommended in large doses, one or two cups every day can help put an extra pep in your step. 

If possible, program a coffee machine so that after your alarm goes off, you have a hot cup of coffee ready to go. One of the hardest parts of waking up early is having to stumble into the kitchen and make coffee half asleep. By programming coffee ahead of time, you’ve already won half the battle. 

Take a Shower 

A lot of people want to skip a shower in the morning since that means they can sleep longer. However, taking a shower is one of the best ways to give your body a blast of energy. 

Not only does the temperature boost your immune system, but you also feel fresher for the rest of the day. There’s something about knowing you’ve taken a shower that gives you extra confidence. Feeling smelly or less than fresh won’t do you any favors at work. 

Listen To Music 

Music is a great way to motivate yourself in the mornings. Set up a playlist that you enjoy every morning to help boost your mood. Music has the power to energize your body and mind at the same time.