4 Ways to Make Your Travel Productive and Earn Money

December 23, 2019

Being a traveler isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to adapt to new places, new people and new culture altogether in order to make your stay comfortable. But most importantly, you’ll need enough money to fund your trip and ensure that your stay in an alien country is a pleasant one. 

Do you often make travel plans? Are you left with some free time to yourself during your journeys? You can always make use of this time to make some money while traveling to your favorite places in the world. Also, don’t let a lack of funds keep you from your passion for travel. Who knows.. working with a view might even increase your productivity! 

The best thing about earning while traveling is that you can travel carefree. There won’t be any budget constraints. These days you can easily get funds for emergency travel or even travel loans to finance your trip. So you can easily pay off the loan amount with the money that you earn and sometimes, even have extra money left over at the end of the trip to spend on yourself. 

Here are some interesting and practical ways to earn money regardless of the place you are planning to visit. 

Get into Travel Blogging

Those who travel often have tones of stories to share with others. If you have a flair for writing, you can pen down your experiences and any tips or how-tos in a blog and monetize from it. You can even talk about how you usually plan your budget trip or luxurious escapade. 

Your travel diaries can help others in planning their next trip and that’s how your blog can gain popularity. With a growing audience, you could become an influencer. 

Hoteliers, travel agencies or cruise lines generally offer free packages or huge discounts to influencers or bloggers who write honest reviews about their offerings. This is just one out of the many ways to earn money from your travel blog. 

Become a Mystery Shopper 

Have you heard about mystery shopping? Don’t worry it’s completely a legal process where a company hires you to visit any store as a regular customer. All you have to do is observe a few aspects of customer experience and report it to the company that has assigned you this task. 

Mystery shopping aims to collect unbiased and true data and you being a traveler, can be true to the character and the assignment. You might be assigned to visit restaurants, a salon, an electronics store and so on. 

There are assignments where you could be given a maximum limit of reimbursement if you purchase or consume any service. The task ends once you submit a survey to help the market research companies or watchdog organizations to study the various aspects of a given product or service.  

Teach Your Native Language

Traveling is not just rejuvenating but is a great learning experience. When you go to a new country, you get an opportunity to learn about their culture and language. But you may also get a chance to teach your native language and share your culture. 

There are many Spanish and French language learning centers in the U.S. If you know quite a few foreign languages, you can easily make money by teaching others. You may not get a hefty pay for this job, but such cash jobs can help you cover part of your daily expenses while traveling. 

Freelance Your Skills

There are many job profiles that don’t require you to be working in your office cubicle. 

If your job permits you to work away from the office, you can make all your travel plan successful. You could also take up freelancing work if you are into digital marketing, web designing, and development, videography and so on. 

Freelancing sites like upwork.com, fiverr.com help you get projects as per your expertise in just one click. You need to add your portfolio and it’s that easy!