5 Expensive Cities That Are Much More Affordable Than You Think

April 07, 2015

If you are a budget conscious traveler, you are interested in finding great opportunities. There is a pretty good possibility to think that you cannot afford a visit in the cities that are really expensive. Although this is definitely the case with many of the expensive cities, those in the list below will be a surprise for you. According to information offered by Travel Tipsor, these are cities you can experience with a much lower budget than you initially imagined.


New York City

While many know about how affordable London can be, most are surprised to learn this about New York City. You save a lot since there is a lot of air traffic available and many of the classic NY experiences are completely free: Staten Island ferry rides, visiting the set of a TV show, window shopping on the famous Fifth Avenue. Cheap accommodation is available and all you really need to do is read the tips that are offered by travel blogs.


Every person in Europe that loves to travel knows that Vienna is highly affordable. Those from other continents do not. There are 26 interesting open-air markets and the boutique restaurants can easily be avoided as you can go on a picnic lunch with cheese and produce you buy in the mentioned market. When referring to accommodations, there are some interesting B&B establishments you will appreciate.



Just as New York City in the USA, Paris is a huge surprise for those that want to experience what France has to offer. The city is well known for having expensive food. What many do not actually understand is that the quality of the food is a lot higher than what many are used with. That is why we can say that the money that you pay is actually warranted. You can save a lot of money on your transportation thanks to a really good mass transit system. At the same time, you should be aware of the fact that many wonderful Paris attractions are actually free.


The 11th most expensive city in the world, Munich is sometimes preferred over other more popular cities by budget conscious travelers as Berlin. What many do not know is that the largest student population in Germany is present in Munich, around 100,000 people. All that you really need to do is find out where the students stay. This offers so much affordable food. As a simple example, various beer gardens will serve hendl, which is a really tasty and inexpensive roasted chicken that is nutritious and highly popular.


Los Angeles

The money saving opportunities appear as soon as you reach the airport. You can find some of the best attractions that are free in Southern California when you visit Los Angeles. Why not take advantage of this? For instance, you can experience the Coastal Highway, visit Getty Museum and walk down the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame. All this is completely free and you can actually experience a lot more in the City Of Angels.