5 Important Facts to Consider While Booking Cheap International Flights

January 21, 2020

While planning to fly somewhere, cutting down the flight cost always remains our priority so that we could travel within our budget. Buying the flight tickets within our budget always remains our main agenda, especially if one is a low-cost budget traveler. You could fulfill your motive by booking low-cost airlines that offer cheaper costs compared to others for the same destination. Some airlines may offer cheaper tickets than the others but you need to be very careful while booking low-cost flights.

If for lowering the cost of flying you have chosen the way of booking cheap international flights then you need to be very smart so that you could make your low budget traveling worth.

Let’s have a look at some important points that you must keep in mind while purchasing low-cost tickets so that you can crack a good deal.

Check What Is Included In the Ticket Cost

We know airfare mentioned on the air ticket is not only the fare for your seat as the cost for luggage, storage, meal, and drinks always included. So before booking your air ticket check what is not included in the fare as sometimes airline companies exclude some amenities to lower down the cost.

Some airlines set the base fare including the fare for your seat and your one personal handbag that you could keep under your seat so for luggage and meal you need to pay extra. So while booking the ticket, always check why the cost is lower? Is it due to excluded amenities for which you have to pay extra at the airport?

Some airlines also put restrictions on the weight of the luggage and even on carrying- on bags so travelers have to pay extra fees for carrying extra weight. In some cases, international carriers charge extra cost for options like picking your seat, for the meal and even for seatback entertainment.

Even sometimes airline carriers could also cut their costs by putting some restrictions while traveling and even they cut their costs by appointing less supporting staff in flight. It means you could not enjoy great service while flying which again could spoil your fun of traveling. It means you should also know why a particular company is offering low-cost tickets means only for alluring more travelers and other things do not matter for them.

So if you actually want to enjoy low-cost air tickets then you need to check for the pricing policies of the carrier and also the other costs that might be charged to you at the airport. To make your low-cost air tickets really good deal you need to act smartly and check for the amenities included in the airfare.

Check Where You Are Flying To And From

You must keep your mind and eyes open while choosing low-cost airlines as sometimes these airlines may give you big surprises at the airport. Few low-cost international flights use alternate hubs so you must check carefully where you flying to and from before booking.

Some air carriers fly into the outside airport of the city means far away from the airport you were expecting to fly. It may cause you great inconvenience and can be frustrating for you to go through check-in, security and custom systems of the place again. Even if it is the complete wastage of time as it takes longer for the traveler to reach his final destination. Thus, if you want to avoid such botherations while traveling, then you must check your flying to and from the mentioned destination on ticket while booking, so that you could make your mind for expected hubs offered by the carrier.

Know the Airline You Have Chosen To Fly

Well, while choosing air carriers, you could have countless options. If for budget flying you check only for the cost, not for the carrier then it could be your biggest mistake. Doing proper research about the airline selected by you is the most important fact otherwise you could not crack the worth deal.

If you want to avoid headaches while flying then you must look up some information about the flight in advance. Initially, you should research the safety record and performance of the airline carrier so that you could have a great and safe journey. Internet could be your source for collecting information about the flight as online you could check the safety ratings of a particular flight and even if you could read some reviews of the travelers about that flight so that you could be sure about your safe flying.

Secondly, it is important to check the policies of airline carriers related to cancellations and on-time performance especially if you are having connecting flights. From the online database about the flights, you can check the performance rating of the flight like what is the percentage of a particular flight to arrive at the scheduled time?

So if you are looking for low-cost international flights then you should also consider the other measures like performance, safety and all.

Check the Possible Ways to Book Low-Cost Flights

Well, if you are considering cost as the priority for booking any flight then you must be very careful so that you could have your flying without any botheration. You must be aware of the ways of booking low-cost flights like pre-booking, off-season booking and all still you need to act rational and be aware of all ways of booking flights.

Like when you book your flight ticket then it is good to book it with a credit card rather than a debit card. so that if there will be an issue then fare money is not coming from your checking and account and you could practice your right to dispute on the transaction.

Even with the credit card, you can enjoy other benefits given by the credit card companies like insurance of your luggage, delayed flights, and canceled flights.

Even while booking you must book it through the well-known traveling agent so that in case of any issue happened during your flying, you could claim for a refund. If you are booking online then you must read all the terms and conditions of the airline carrier so that could act accordingly in case of any emergency.

Know All Your Rights

Your cost-cutting decision could also go wrong if a travel agent or airline carrier takes the backseat while giving you a refund in case something goes wrong. So it is very important to be aware of all your rights so that you could practice your right at the right time to get a refund or compensation from the travel agent or company.

You must be aware of your traveling rights so that in case some issue happens then you could speak for your rights and accordingly could get compensations like rebooking or refund. Some rights of the travelers vary with different routes, departure and arrival destinations so you need to be very careful and rational.

In some airline carriers, you can enjoy the rights like financial compensation for even if the flight gets delayed for more than 2 hours. In such cases, travelers are entitled to food, refreshments, and even hotel rooms and transportation. Even if you get stuck waiting for your flight to get back on track then also you can claim for necessary assistance from the airline depending on the situation.

It means you can enjoy your flying without any botheration and fear of being cheated if and only if you are aware of your rights and you know how to practice them in the right situation. So whether you are booking your ticket through the traveling agent or booking online, you must read all the terms and conditions of the carrier so that you could step up for refund or compensation if anything goes wrong.

All in all, many airlines give benefits to their travelers and offer some special discounts and cost-cutting offers so that you could enjoy your low budget flying. However, sometimes you could be misled by some carriers as they offer cheap tickets but charge extra hidden costs and they have their luggage restrictions so that they could get extra money on the airport from the travelers. It means your low-cost flying deal is not worth as you need to pay extra at the time of travel.  In such cases, it is very important to be aware of traveler rights so that you could nail it.

Take Away

Above mentioned are important points that may make your flying safe, secure, and tension free, so keeping them all in mind is essential. If you are keeping cost at priority, then carrier doesn’t need to be offering you low-cost flying by cutting down its own cost as there could be some hidden costs and surprise for you that may bother you while traveling. But your wisdom, awareness, and smartness could make your deal quite profitable for you.

If you are a low budget traveler, then you need to be extra careful and smarter than the airline carriers so that you could crack the best deal.