5 Tips for a Memorable Road Trip

August 20, 2014

Road trips are fun and adventurous and they can really take you out of your normal setting and provide you with excitement, relaxation and with a great holiday. No matter how old you are, road trips will always feel like the discovery of a new world and they will always be exciting and fun, but if you want to make your road trip truly memorable, make sure you follow these tips:


Plan Ahead

Of course, simply jumping into the car and going wherever the wheels will get you can sound exciting, but the truth is that not many people manage to have the time of their lives this way precisely because the unpredictable things (such as not finding accommodation for the night) can be really annoying and they can bring a lot of stress with them. So, plan ahead! Make an itinerary and see where you will be stopping to lay your head on the pillow (and where you should be making your reservations, for that matter). Even if you have an RV, planning ahead will still be much needed because you will still want to know where the best spots to park your home-on-wheels are.

Take Everyone into Consideration

When planning the big trip, make sure that everyone “on board” will feel great. Make sure that they will all see something that is exciting for them. For instance, if you are travelling with your family, make sure that every single member will have something to look forward to. You may have your eyes set on barbecue joints along the way, but your wife may want to see some nice souvenir shops as well and your kids will definitely be excited by the prospect of visiting some amusement parks. It is a good idea to get a car that really fits everyone and all of their stuff comfortably, if you’re traveling with 4 or more people you might find 7 seater SUVs are the perfect road trip car. It’s always better to have too much space, rather than not enough. Take everyone into consideration so that everyone comes back home with great memories!


Have Your Eyes on the Lesser Known Spots as Well

It may feel surprising, but there are obscure places that are absolutely stunning. You will find them by asking locals, by reading local magazines for travelers and so on. You may just eat the best cheesecake in the world in the most obscure diner and you may just have the time of your life in an amusement park you did not even know that existed. There are fabulous places that are just not advertised enough but which will provide you with a great experience!

Be Careful with Your Budget

If you are on a tighter budget, make sure you are realistic about your spending. It can be very easy to exceed the budget you have in mind when you are on a road trip, really. One extra burger here, some candy there and a ticket for that amusement park you did not have in your initial plan and soon enough you may discover that you’re running out of money – which will definitely spoil the fun! Allow enough money so that you and your travel companions have plenty of fun and make sure when to say “no, this is not for my budget” when something more expensive comes along the way.

Stay Safe

There is no way in the world you can have fun for an entire road trip without staying safe. Have your car checked before you leave and make sure everything’s alright with it. Drive safely and only stay and eat in places that look OK and that are not dangerous for your health. Common reason can really go a long way and it can save you from many unpleasant situations!