5 Top Tips for Holidaying in Winter

November 29, 2020

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Winter travel is becoming more popular. People are realising that most parts of the world are just as interesting in the winter months as they are in the summer, sometimes more so.

Provided you take a thick winter coat, a bobble hat, and don’t mind a bit of wet weather, you can still see most of the sights and, of course, there are plenty of indoor pursuits to enjoy.

A rainy afternoon spent wandering around a museum or art gallery is a great way to relax. Especially if you follow up with a few drinks in a lively bar and a nice meal in a cosy restaurant.

Good preparation is essentialScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.36.55 PM
The trick with holidaying in the winter is to be well prepared. Usually, the weather is changeable. Therefore, you need to be a bit more flexible about what you do and when.

Research activities before you go

Going online and making a list of all the things you would like to do while away is a good starting point. As you note each one down, divide them up into activities for wet and dry days.

That way if you wake up, and it is pouring with rain you can quickly consult your list and do one of the wet day activities. Before breakfast, go online and book your tickets for the attraction you want to see. That way you will not have to queue outside in the rain. Before breakfast, go online and book your tickets for the attraction you want to see. That way you will not have to queue outside in the rain.

Inevitably, some attractions fill up fast on rainy days. Booking in advance will also help you to avoid disappointment. Your research may lead you to discover something fun you didn’t even know existed such as ice fishing for walleye.

Download a good weather appScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.37.00 PM
Before you leave home, find and download a local weather app. These tend to be more accurate than the large global weather apps. The type that gives you hourly forecasts can be especially handy for planning your day.

Pack wisely

Naturally, you need the right clothes. At the very least you will need a warm winter coat, good quality closed-in footwear, warm clothes and a way to protect yourself from the cold and rain.

Usually, the best approach is to dress in layers. This will keep you warmer and give you more outfit options. T-shirts, shirts and jumpers or sweatshirts can all be worn on top of each other, with a good coat. On colder days, this will usually be enough to keep you warm. With the added bonus that on a warmer day you can just wear the t-shirt or a shirt.
Budget properly

Be sure to take enough money with you to be able to get a taxi, and go out for extra meals should you want to. That way you will not have to queue in the wet and cold for public transport and can while away a few hours enjoying a meal in a nice restaurant.

Be prepared for travel disruption

Inevitably, if you travel in the winter you are going to experience the occasional flight delay. If it is snowing heavily at your destination airport you may even end up being diverted. Clearly, this is not an ideal scenario, but there is no need for it to ruin your holiday. Again, the trick is to be well prepared. That way, you can react in the best way possible and make the most of the situation. This article contains loads of great advice that will help you to do exactly that.