5 ways to use timber in your home

August 23, 2021

Timber is a wonderful material which brings a lovely atmosphere to anything it’s used for. With its rustic feel and solid, authentic look and above all its versatility, using timber is a great way to get any part of a home, from a functional countertop to a feature staircase, to look unique and fairytale ready. As well as the way it looks, timber is also a surprisingly eco-friendly building material (assuming you buy wood from sustainably managed forests) because it’s lightweight, easy to assemble, a good insulator and doesn’t depend on fossil fuels in the way that the production of other building materials does.

So once you’ve decided to make timber a big feature of your home, you may be wondering exactly what it is that you can use this material for. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can use timber in your home.

  1. For the roof frame

Because it’s so lightweight, timber is a fantastic material for creating the frame of your roof – and as it’s so versatile, it’s a great choice if your house has an unusual structure too.

  1. For a rustic fireplace

Instead of a generic mantelpiece carved into floral shapes at the edges and painted white, picture a chunk of beautifully but roughly sanded timber holding up your photographs and ornaments. It adds an amazing countrified, rustic feel to your front room which makes your home cosy on winter nights glowing above the fire, and stylish on summer evenings.

  1. For a feature staircase

A feature staircase is a bold addition to any home, but you can make it really interesting by using high-quality timber to create a blend of modern design and traditional materials for a really standout structure. Consider a timber spiral staircase: straight out of a children’s fairytale!

  1. Outdoor deck/patio

While the traditional ‘cottage kitchen’ look might not be for you with its rough edges, you can use timber decking to create gleaming surfaces as polished as marble but without the same harsh aesthetic. A great addition to any family kitchen!

  1. For your floors

Saving perhaps the most obvious until last – using wood planks to create beautiful floors is the perfect finishing touch to any beautiful family home. Just remember to tell your guests to take their heels off!

So there you have it – if you like the look of timber homes but weren’t sure where you could fit it into your own dwelling, we hope this list has kicked you off with some ideas.