7 Benefits of Buying a Hymer Motorhome

March 20, 2020

When you are buying a motorhome, choosing the right brand is critical. You need a manufacturer you can trust, with a good reputation for delivering on quality and style. Your motorhome is a valuable investment and it’s important to pick the perfect one for your needs. 

Hymer is a popular choice for new and used motorhomes. This brand has been consistently top of the list for many years and it offers considerable choice and a range of features in each vehicle. If you’re looking for a new or used motorhome, think about how you want to use the vehicle, how many people it’s for, and your budget. Then look at brands like Hymer. 

Read on for some interesting benefits of Hymer motorhomes.

1. Plenty of choices

Hymer is an established brand and you will find plenty of options available on sale throughout the UK. You can, therefore, choose a type of motorhome that will exactly suit your requirements. Hymer motorhomes are on sale in a variety of configurations and sizes with different features, at various prices.

2. Impressive core features

A set of robust, well-developed and high-quality core features are included in each Hymer vehicle. Durable bodywork, essential safety elements, comfort for travelling and camping, and high-quality furniture are standard.

3. Innovation as standard

Hymer has also been setting trends in motorhome development in recent years. It is responsible for features such as the fold-down bed and a skylight with a crank, items that make life more comfortable in your vehicle.  

4. High Performance at low weight

The majority of Hymer motorhomes weigh below 3.5 tonnes. You can drive these vans without a special license and the lower weight saves on fuel costs. You will also be able to avoid higher toll fees on some roads and price increases on transport like ferries. 

5. Winterproofed vehicles

If you are keen to explore the country during the colder months, Hymer includes some weather-proofing features to help keep you comfortable. Designed for low temperatures, the pipes and tanks are not liable to freeze. Hymer heating systems are sophisticated, with attention paid to the position of vents to increase comfort. This is perfect for exploring the Scottish countryside in the winter. 

6. High safety standards

Hymer motorhomes have high-quality safety features to improve your overall driving experience. Advanced systems help driving in hilly or mountainous areas and you will also appreciate the panoramic windscreens and safety systems to prevent skids and swerves. 

7. Impressive storage and interior comfort

Hymer vehicles also possess plenty of storage compartments to help you stow all your things away on your trip. Spacious bathrooms and larger kitchens add to the overall comfort. Hymer vans also have specially engineered fabrics for the furniture and power-saving lighting. There is a range of bed options for getting a good night’s sleep. You’ll appreciate the extra attention to detail whether you are on a quick weekend trip or an extended getaway abroad.