8 Tips for Traveling to Australia

March 20, 2018

In 2017, Australia welcomed around 8.7 million visitors to the country. If you plan to travel to the Land Down Under this year, you’re in for a real treat! Australia is home to beautiful beaches, majestic rock formations, and animals that you won’t find anywhere else.  You can find out more with some research using an Australia VPN to access sites of the country.

Keep reading for 8 tips that you’ll want to know before boarding the plane and heading off to your destination.

1. Get Travel Insurance

One of the first things you’ll want to do before setting off to Australia is to purchase travel insurance. International travel can be a headache and all sorts of things can do wrong. With travel insurance, you can protect yourself and your finances. For example, most travel insurance policies cover medical expenses, flight delays, and loss of luggage.

When looking for coverage, your best bet is to buy travel insurance direct from a company like Fast Cover if you are Australian or a travel insurance provider from your country if you aren’t.  It’s important to get coverage is the country you hold citizenship to ensure coverage. Working through third-party vendors makes the process even more complicated, so go direct, and make sure you are covered wherever your travels take you.


2. Koalas and Kangaroos Aren’t That Common

When most people envision Australia, many people see beautiful beaches, lush green land, and of course, koalas and kangaroos. Many tourists falsely believe that these animals can be spotted on every corner. The fact is that if you want to see a koala or kangaroo, you’ll need to venture inland or to a national park. These animals avoid the city noise but you may spot a few in a suburban location.

As a note, despite the cute appearance of these animals, getting too close to or touching wildlife isn’t advised. Kangaroos pack a mean punch and kick while koalas have extremely sharp claws. Adore and be in awe of these animals from afar.

3. Don’t Overdo It

Australia is huge, and while you may have all sorts of plans to visit many parts of the country, chances are you simply won’t have the time. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and is divided into 6 different colonies. To put the size into perspective, driving from Brisbane to Cairns will take you at least 3 days. Driving from Sydney to Melbourne takes about 9 hours.

If your plans are to see Australia from every corner, be sure you have plenty of time to do so. You’ll likely need at least two weeks to go everywhere on your itinerary.

4. Brush Up On The Local Language

While Australians speak English, those from Down Under tend to use all sorts of slang. Your bathing suit is called a swimmer. Ketchup is tomato sauce. If you want to go hiking, you’ll be going bushwalking. If you need medicine, ask for the local chemist. Need directions to go downtown? Ask for the CBD.

Getting acquainted with the local speak makes it much easier to navigate your way around Australia. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know exactly which questions to ask and how to ask them.

5. Wear Plenty of Sunblock

Spending time on an Australian beach is nothing like going to a beach in your native country. The sun is extremely strong in this area of the world which means you’ll want to protect your skin with high SPF sunblock. Without sunscreen you can expect to burn quickly, and we all know that sunburn can turn a vacation sour. Other tips for protecting yourself against the sun include:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Wearing hats and sunglasses when outdoors
  • Taking breaks to go inside to cool off


6. Be Aware of the Seasons

Many assume that because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere that the seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere. While this is true in the southern part of the country, the seasons aren’t like this in the north.

Before scheduling your trip, make sure you’re going at the right time depending on the area in which you’re visiting. While it may be perfect weather in Sydney, chances are the Top End is in its rainy season.

7. Electronic Charging is Different

The plug sockets in Australia aren’t the same as the ones used in Europe or in the United States. Since you’ll want to keep your electronic devices charged throughout your trip, you’ll need to purchase an Australian charger or ensure you’ve packed several charged rechargeable batteries that you can use.

8. Tipping Isn’t Common

If you’re from the U.S., you know the importance of tipping bartenders, waiters, your hairdresser, and other service-based workers. While in Australia, tipping isn’t common. In fact, you’re not expected to tip your taxi driver, bartender, or any restaurant workers.

Wages for these workers are much higher when compared to other areas of the world. Bartenders and busboys aren’t relying on customer tips in order to make a decent wage. While tips aren’t expected, it’s okay to leave a tip if you’re truly happy with the service you received.


Traveling to Australia is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. To make your trip as successful as possible, be sure to keep these 8 tips in mind.