A city like no other

June 05, 2015

Cities are must visit destinations which show you the true way of life in a country, and picking which city you’re going to visit can be a tough decision indeed. It’s important to head to a city which calls out to you, one which has culture and sights you are interested in, and for me, that would always be the mystery and intrigue of the only city in the world to straddle two continents; I am of course talking about beautiful Istanbul.


You might think that Istanbul is too far away for a long weekend city break, but in fact it is only a four hours’ flight away from the UK, and if you can cut own your tiredness by getting plenty of rest before you head there, then you’ll be fresh and raring to go once you land. A good way to do this is to stay overnight at the airport the night before you travel, by booking an airport hotel. I do this regularly and love the comfort and luxury it gives to my travel, leaving me refreshed and raring to go. I recently booked one of the Gatwick hotels with parking for such a city break, and was quoted a fantastic price through Airparks, with parking included, so this is certainly something for you to consider.

Rest and relaxation is the best way to start your Istanbul city break, because believe me, there is more than enough to fill several long weekends over in this huge powerhouse of a city!


Many people wrongly assume that Istanbul is Turkey’s capital city, but that is in fact Ankara, having said that however Istanbul is huge, literally, and seeing everything is impossible during one stay. Because of that, research is needed into the sights you want to see, and where to base yourself. If sightseeing is what you’re after then Sultanahmet is where you should be staying, with the beautiful Blue Mosque, charming Hagia Sofia, and colourful Grand Bazaar all within close, easy reach. If you want to head to night-life central Taksim, then you only have to jump on the Metro, or brave a taxi and you’re there. If you do jump in a taxi however, make sure you set your price with the driver before you get in, as you could find your metered journey goes the long way around otherwise!

Culture, shopping, history, sport, nightlife – Istanbul has it all, and it will certainly leave you wondering when you can head back to experience the huge amount you probably missed the first time!