A Lifetime of Travelling To Casinos

March 26, 2020

A passionate gambler always persuades a great gambling experience. Where you go to play games, the kind of casinos you often visit can affect your whole gambling experience. Travelling to exquisite casino destinations like Las Vegas brings new experiences and stories to share with your loved ones. It is very important to check health and safety parameters before you indulge in your favorite pastime of gambling, both; land-based and online. Check that the casino is legitimate or not, else instead of having an experience of heaven, you will experience the fire of hell.

Gambling legislation around the world

Most gamblers around the world enjoy the freedom, convenience, and comfort of online casinos at any time. But you must be aware it is legal in most countries. However, in other countries, it is banned. In extreme cases, the government of the land imposes punishment, which involves hefty fines and imprisonment. You should not take gambling for granted. Do your own research before planning to visit land-based countries in a foreign land or wagering online. When you think of gambling, the first destination which comes to mind is Las Vegas; Mecca of gambling. Gambling is legalized by US federal law, but each state has the independence to allow it or not within its boundaries.

Online casinos like tangkasnet offer host of casino games from classic to progressive slots, to skill-based table games like poker. The advent of the internet and modern technology has added many this novelty and many innovations. Many new interactive games are launched, which improves your gaming techniques and tactics. Online casinos are safe, secure, and licensed, providing you a worry-free gambling environment.


If you are planning to travel to, remember the Israeli penal code prohibits gambling in that country. Government authorities clarify clearly that gambling, including online one, is prohibited within the sovereignty of Israel. Many leading online casino websites are blocked and tracked by the government. If you are planning to visit this country, do not indulge in online gambling, there are many wonderful things to do in that beautiful country. Two forms of betting are allowed in Israel, nation lottery and sports betting (soccer and basketball only).

UK and Malta gambling is allowed and regulated by an authoritative regulatory body. The license can be obtained after complying with stringent laws and regulations. In Malta, a gambling license is obtained from the Malta gaming authority, which is now a renowned and respected regulatory body worldwide. Many international online casino sites seek a license from this authority. The gambling industry in the UK is regulated by The United Kingdom Gambling Commission.


The United Arab Emirates strictly prohibits gambling; even you will not access any online casino website as internet content is controlled and monitored by a telecommunicating regulatory authority. Punishment for gambling is extremely harsh, which can extend up to 2 years of imprisonment. Casino ships are an excellent alternative where online and land-based casinos are prohibited. It is important the website of the floating casino comply regulation of a reputable licensing authority. As they float in international water, these floating casinos are outside the jurisdiction of the land, which forbids gambling.