Advice to Travellers Sending and Receiving Parcels in Europe

March 22, 2016

When you’re away travelling, receiving gifts from home can be a lovely surprise and a great pick me up on those days when you’re feeling down. Sending and receiving parcels in Europe can get quite confusing for both the friends and family sending parcels and those receiving them. Here are 3 top tips to tell your family members to help simplify sending and receiving parcels in Europe, so you can benefit from all those lovely cards and gifts whilst away from home exploring the world:

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Clearly address your package

Take more time packaging your delivery than you would normally. This involves making sure the parcel won’t get damaged by padding out the box and fasted securely. Clearly writing the label and remember to always include the postal code and underneath in capital letters the country that you are sending it to. There is no need to attach a custom declaration if the country is inside the European Union. Type up your label and print it off to be extra safe.

Restricted and prohibited goods

Each country has a list of restricted and prohibited goods which they cannot accept. Do your research before posting a parcel just to check, usually the prohibited items are just common sense but there are some anomalies, so doing your research is advised. The UK government have a detailed list of things that are prohibited from being exported from the UK here which should help you out. In some countries outside of Europe common things like perfume and nail varnish are considered to be restricted items so, checking the list just to be sure is always a good idea before you make a costly mistake.


Find the best price

Sending goods abroad can be really costly. There are many experienced courier services who offer great deals on shipping abroad so it’s a great idea to shop around before choosing one. Check out Parcel2go, who compare all the leading courier services shipping to Europe that aim to help find you the very best price for your parcel. They work with all the top delivery companies so you can be sure to choose a courier that you can depend on.

Shopping around for the best price is always advised as there are a range of different services available and selecting one can get confusing. Hopefully, once you’ve passed on this advice, you’ll receive and influx of lovely home comforts after passing on this advice to your friends and family.