All inclusive? All in!

December 12, 2014

When it comes to travelling with children, an all inclusive holiday is the godsend you could kiss feet for! If you can find a true bargain as well, all the better!

A constant stream of wanting soft drinks, ice cream, and snacks can often lead to a serious dent in the pocket if you’re going on a self-catering or bed & breakfast basis on your holidays, however with an all inclusive break, you don’t have that problem, because it’s already paid for and your little ones can go and help themselves, with a few restrictions of course.


Money saved means happy parents, and a good way to add to the savings is to look at driving yourselves to the airport, and saying goodbye to costly public transport and taxis. Based on an average family of four, your saving will obviously be four-fold, because your parking spot goes by car, and not by person! I regularly book my airport parking in advance to maximise my savings. I have just booked my spot for parking at Heathrow terminal 3, and received a fantastic deal, which certainly put a smile on my face! This is a nationwide service, which is offered at most large UK airports, so check out what is available from your departure terminal.

With even more money kept in your pocket, that dream holiday is much more accessible, and it also gives you more spare cash to enjoy the excursions that are available to you in your destination. The only thing to remember with all inclusives is that you can become a little stuck in the four walls of the hotel, basically because everything is already there for you, and you don’t have to go out looking for entertainment or food etc. If you can book a few excursions into your holiday time, then you are not only getting out and exploring, but you’re doing it in a touristic and safe way too.


I would also recommend eating out at a local restaurant at least once during your stay, because then you can enjoy local dishes, which is also another point of travel. There is no reason why you can’t combine an all inclusive holiday with the enjoyment of the area you’re visiting, and that means money saved and a fantastic exploration to boot.

Whilst it is more expensive at the initial booking stage to book an all inclusive holiday, you can still find bargains, especially if you look at the beginning and end of the traditional summer holiday season.

It takes a little time and perseverance, but it can be done!