Are you Hoping to Make Extra Money in 2016?

May 16, 2016

Extra money. We all want it, but few people know how to get it. When you work on a salary or wages, there’s a limit to how much you can earn each year. So the trick is to think outside the box and try to find some ways that you can increase your income without needing to work 80 hour weeks.

If you’re hoping to make some extra money in 2016, here are some top tips to get you started:


Sell up

If you take a good hard look around your home, it’s likely that you’ll find plenty of things you’re no longer using that you could probably get a decent price for. The first step is to have a spring clean (even if it’s winter) and go through every room of your house to see what you can live without. Expect to discover lots of things you had forgotten you had, but don’t be tempted to begin using them!

Go through your closets and take out anything that you haven’t worn for a year. Since this means you haven’t used it through any of the seasons, it’s time to say goodbye.

Websites like Ebay can come in handy for this, and you can also consider having a garage sale so you can get rid of any old furniture, electronics, and kitchen utensils while you’re cleaning out your clothes. You’ll be surprised at how much you earn, and how much lighter you feel once you’ve gotten rid of your old junk.

Use your skills

Do you have a skill that you could be using outside of work? Maybe you know how to code, you’re a graphic designer or copywriter. If you have skills that you can use remotely, you’re in luck my friend. Jump onto websites like Freelancer and Upwork so you can meet with clients and do a few hours of work each week on the side. Since you bid for jobs you can set your own rates and you may even find yourself slowly transitioning into freelancing full time and quitting the dreaded office job.


Play Online

Many people are unaware, but if you’re one of those people who usually wins big at the casino you can take your skills online. Visit Supercasino to see the many different games you can try, be sure to bet responsibly, and you may just find that you soon have a nice little side income while also having fun and keeping yourself occupied during your free time.

Talk to your boss

Are you getting paid what you’re worth? Check websites like Glassdoor and ask friends and family members and other people using your skills how much they’re getting paid. If you haven’t asked for a pay rise for a while and you feel like your skills are directly impacting the success of your company, it’s time to talk to your boss. Sure, it can be awkward to ask for a pay rise, but the extra money you’ll be paid each year simply by asking the question makes it well worth it.