Beach Wedding Ideas for a Wedding in Greece

July 26, 2017

BeachWeddingGreece with its islands and countless beaches is probably one of the most romantic places to have your wedding. Early summer, when the days grow longer and the weather is pleasantly warm but not hot, is the best period to organize a destination wedding in Greece.

And there is no better place to have your wedding than the beach! Somehow, during these important moments of your life it feels good to sink your feet in the sand and feel in sync with nature and the universe. A beach wedding feels easy and unassuming… In a way it helps you focus on what is important in life.

There are many beach wedding ideas that can make your wedding very special. Almost in every Greek island there is a little chapel next to the sea. Think of a whitewashed little church with a yard to host the ceremony. You may wish to adopt some traditional Greek customs and invite a local band to accompany you to the church playing traditional wedding songs and music. Or you may choose to arrive to the church by a traditional “kaiki”, a little fishing boat. No matter what you decide the environment is so romantic that will definitely inspire you to stage your wedding in a way that makes you feel special.

Another idea that offers you more flexibility is to have the ceremony organized either directly on the beach under an arch made of beach wood and shells (just an idea!) or on a spot with a magnificent view over the Aegean or the Ionian Sea. Imagine getting married in Santorini with this incredible sunset as a backdrop and you get an idea. It is not exactly the beach but the party can be all about the beach!

Most Greek islands have superbly run beach bars that can accommodate your dream wedding party. Located in the best beaches of the area, they will be able to organize catering for your guests. And they are so summery and beautifully made that you may need very little in terms of decoration. Torches in the beach, candles all over the place, loved ones around you and you are set for the greatest beach party of your life!