Benefits Of a Travel Money Card

October 28, 2017

Whether it’s going on holidays, visiting friends and relatives, or doing business in another country, a lot of foreign currency is always involved and that’s where travel money cards come in. A travel money card is very common these days and has lots of advantages like:


  1. A travel money card is a fantastic way to juggle multiple currencies. Recent research for the travel money card star ratings found a range in maximum number of currencies allowed, from 5 to 13 different currencies.
  2. Exchange rate locking: Travel funds are locked into the foreign exchange rate of the country you plan to visit on the day you pick up the card or when you purchase it online. So if the exchange rates change it won’t affect you.
  3. Ability to reload card via your smartphone: It’s easier to reload the card using smartphone apps and you can easily transfer funds from your bank account to tour card.
  4. Carrying a lot of cash is avoided: Cash is the least secure way to carry your holiday spending money. A five-second encounter with a pickpocket can leave you broke – and definitely not in a holiday mood! There will always be some instances where cash is the only payment method accepted, but for most transactions a travel money card does the job.


All these are few benefits of the travel cards. One can play bingo games for free to win big time and use the money to keep these cards reloaded. With travel cards it’s much easier to travel.