Best apps for your holiday

September 16, 2015

With the range of travel options proliferating and providing us all with an ever-expanding range of holiday destinations, there’s been a massive increase in the apps available to assist us in our excursions too.

From apps which can help us decode a foreign language, to some easily-downloadable games to keep us occupied on a long-haul flight, the healthy competition in the software world has provided us with some great apps for your next holiday experience.


Entertainment apps

Although video gaming may have originated on desktop computers and games consoles, there are now a huge variety of mobile games that can simply be downloaded and don’t require an internet connection to play.

Puzzle games in particular have proven exceptionally popular for gamers on the go with the likes of Glow Puzzle providing endless hours of free puzzling entertainment. And for gamers looking for a little more adult entertainment, the Euro Palace site offers a great range of casino games ranging from scratch cards to slots, to even highly realistic table games. Euro Palace also provide a helpful blog page that’ll assist you in your holiday packing, as well as offering some valuable gaming tips.


Translation tools

Whilst most of us may have the best intentions of learning a foreign language before we head abroad, the reality is that most of us struggle when speaking a second language. Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue with a range of translation apps such as the Say Hi app that acts as a pocket-interpreter by utilising speech recognition technology to offer a translation of any desired phrase.

Even if you’re in an exotic locale such as Japan, the Scanner and Translator app is able to quickly decode even the most obscure text through the power and ease of your handheld device.


Navigation apps

Most of us have suffered the confusion and embarrassment of being lost in a foreign city. But with the app you can easily navigate your way around a foreign locale through the advanced mapping technology. The app is also able to work without an internet connection which is particularly handy should you find yourself in a remote location.

Other quality mapping apps include the Sygic GPS mapping system that provides a turn-by-turn navigational aid that can come in particularly handy should you be driving in a foreign country. And with a range of add-on features such as speed camera warnings, it provides a great option to getting around in your holiday location.