Best Beauty Tips for a Traveller

August 20, 2014

Travelling is more than just seeing places – it is an adventure of discovering new people, new cultures and new beauties of the world and it is a spiritual adventure towards discovering parts of yourself you did not know you had as well. Travelling can be a life-changing experience and it can change you from the inside out – but for any traveller, this can also come with messy hair and ugly sunburn if you don’t make sure to take care of yourself along the way. Thus, read on and find out more about the best beauty tips a traveller should keep in mind!


Good Deodorant
This may sound odd, but good deodorant can really go a long way when it comes to making you feel pretty. Sweatiness is obviously not attractive in any place on Earth, but aside from that, good deodorant can make you feel more self-confident. And believe it: there is nothing sexier and more beautiful than self-confidence! Invest in some good deodorant and you can feel fresh even when the temperatures are high, even when you’ve been searching for accommodation for the last few hours and even when you’re getting off a flight that lasted for 12 hours. Men need to keep this in mind too, as I’ve spent far too much time in confined spaces with men who clearly forgot to pack some decent deodorant. Rexona clinical for men is a great option if you want to smell good.

Take Care of Your Skin and Hair
You may not be able to go to the salon to have your haircut or have a facial when traveling, but you can still do a lot of things that will definitely protect them. And, believe it or not, one of the harshest enemies for your hair and skin is none else than the friendly sun. UV rays can dehydrate your hair and skin and they can really age your quicker. Even more than that, they can lead to skin cancer. Carrying a small bottle of hair conditioner and some sunscreen with you in your travels is really not a lot – but it can do a lot! This is something that men often forget, and this can lead to premature ageing – so watch out.

Go to the best dermatologist you can afford. At the end of the day, healthy clear skin will be one of your best beauty assets no matter if you’re traveling or at home. It works as a great base for any make up you want to put on it, and the truth is clear skin simply looks healthier.


Something Just for the Ladies:

You Don’t Need a Lot of Makeup
The problem with makeup is that we sometimes believe that less makeup means less beauty as well. That’s actually not true and, if you are travelling, you should know that there are very few products you actually need to have in your purse when you want to beautify yourself: a good tightliner, a bit of face powder and a bit of lipstick in your favorite color. The tightliner will make your eyes pop even when you don’t apply complicated eye shadow and fake eyelashes. The face powder will make your face look more matte and to have a more uniform color (but do make sure you get one that may be suitable for your skin when it is tanned as well).

Finally, the lipstick is for those days when you need some “extra” (so choose one that really makes you shine, regardless of whether it is a red one or a nude one). But even more than that, keep your smile on because this is a woman’s most precious beauty asset!